Munchie Madness: Best snacks for March Madness watching

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Dorm Eating 101, 4 foods college students want, photo by Cristine Struble

Sweet Snacks

While a bowl of homemade chocolate chip cookies is always a great choice, that plate could totally pack on the guilt. Still, a sweet snack option is always a good choice. But, which sweet treat is a good snacking choice.

One good, and easy, choice is a popcorn mix. Several popcorn companies offer a Chicago-style or cheese and caramel variety. This snack offers the taste of sweet without feeling like you are eating a bowl of sugar.

Another option would be to make a trail mix or your own snack mix. Combining a variety of flavors and textures into a snack bowl is always satisfying. Plus, this type of recipe isn’t too difficult to make, even last minute.

Lastly, even a bowl of M&Ms in your favorite team colors will do in a pinch. Sometimes that little burst of sugar can make that last minute buzzer beater a little less painful.