Munchie Madness: Best snacks for March Madness watching

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Healthy Snacks

While it might not be a popular topic, healthy snacks do need to be considered. With so many people following a variety of eating plans, diets or lifestyle choices, there needs to be an option that everyone, regardless of food choices, can eat.

Of course, a crudité platter is always a choice. But, who hasn’t had that big plate of carrots and celery left over at the end of the night. Other options are available.

One idea is to use a plant based pizza crust to make some vegetable forward pizza bites. This option would be keto friendly and you could load up the healthy toppings. Plus, the colorful pizza crusts could entice that carnivore to turn to the dark side, flexitarian.

Another easy option would be avocado toast. While this food’s popularity hasn’t waned yet, it is a simple snack or meal. Depending on the “toast,” the dish can be gluten free, keto friendly or even vegetarian (substitute a sweet potato slice for the bread). The options are many.

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What are your best snacks for March Madness? Do you have your menus planned for all the big games?