Bracket busted? 3 Basketball themed cocktails for March sadness


Has a busted bracket brought March sadness? These three basketball themed cocktails will have you feeling better those hoop dreams.

Need a little levity for that busted March Madness bracket? Some basketball themed cocktails could make you feel a little better about not being part of the perfect bracket club. Ready to drain a shot?

During March Madness, everyone seems to be either happy or frustrated. Whether it is your alma mater didn’t make it past the first round or your upset is still in the running, there are highs and lows through this basketball season.

While the beer wars might make for entertaining fodder, sometimes a stronger cocktail can make a bigger statement. Although many people have their preferred libation, sometimes a themed cocktail is festive.

Even the non-basketball fan might be watching a few game over the course of the tournament. While some people might not know traveling from a charge, a themed cocktail could make them feel a little more in touch with the action on the court.

SVEDKA Vodka has shared these three basketball themed cocktails. Unlike draining a three pointer at the end of the half, these cocktails are relatively easy to make. But, you don’t have to tell your friends the secret.

Here’s a few cocktail suggestions.

The Slam Dunk, photo provided by SVEDKA

The Slam Dunk

Like the name says, this cocktail is an easy score. With only two ingredients, anyone can make this cocktail. While the recipe doesn’t recommend a specific bitter liquer, you do want to pick something to balance the sweeter notes of the vodka. Remember flavor balance is always important in a cocktail.

"The Slam DunkIngredients:· ½ parts SVEDKA Blue Raspberry· Dash of bitter liqueurInstructions:Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a shot glass. Garnish with orange peels."

The Alley-Oop

This pairing is beyond simple. Why not toast a big play with this pairing? As for a shandy, pick one with some bright, tart flavors. If you don’t like shandy, find another beer with big citrus flavors.

"The Alley-OopIngredients:· 1 Part SVEDKA Clementine· ShandyInstructions:Pour chilled SVEDKA Clementine into a shot glass. Pour Shandy into a pint glass.*Enjoy the shot, followed by the shandy and finish by eating an orange wedge."

The Jump Shot

This cocktail could be the perfect choice for an early morning game. The combination of orange juice and cream is reminiscent of a creamsicle. While definitely not child’s play, it could be a good pick me up.

"The Jump Shot1 Part Svedka Clementine1 Part Orange Juice1/4 Part Amaretto1/4 Part CreamInstructions:Combine ingredients in a shaker tin and fill with iceShake and strain into shot glass"

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Are you hosting a March Madness party? Could these basketball themed cocktails be on your menu?