Best baseball bites: MLB stadium menus have foodies going out to a ballpark


Ready for opening day? MLB stadium menus are offering some of the best baseball bites that will have fans raving about the delicious food this season.

MLB stadium menus have moved far beyond peanuts and Cracker Jack. Even the classic hot dog and hamburger has gotten a huge upgrade. As people prepare for opening day, foodies start planning their food game plan. While the home team might want to put a tally in the W column, these new menu items will score wins all season long.

Looking at this season’s newest offerings, the menu items seem to follow many of today’s food trends. From plant-based menu options to international flavors, the MLB stadiums want to incorporate many of these food trends. While classics will always be available, variety and forward thinking helps to keep MLB stadium menus moving forward.

Vegetarian friendly choices

Dodgers Esquite, photo provided by Levy

While plant-based meats are having a huge food moment, those choices aren’t the only vegetarian friendly choices. For example, Dodger Stadium offers esquite. Served in a min- souvenir Dodges helmet, the esquite goes bold with Tajin seasoning. The popular Mexican spice offers a bold flavor that is perfect with grilled sweet corn. While the chipotle aioli sounds good, this menu item will be quite filling.

At the Seattle Mariners, the Sultan of Sandwich takes on the uber popular avocado toast. This millennial favorite continues to be popular. The Centerplate version features a heaping scoop of avocado on Franz Bakery organic high-protein, gluten-free bread. Guests can customize their toast with two toppings.

For the super healthy crowd, the Rogers Centre offers the 32 Ingredient Salad. With 32 plant-based ingredients, guests will definitely get their daily veggie serving. The combination of textures and flavors is huge. From greens to pomegranate seeds and apple cider vinegar to honey, each forkful will be an exploration of flavor.

Sausage and dogs

Dodger Sausage, photo provided by Levy

Putting aside the sandwich debate, a ball game and an encased meat on a bun is a perfect combination. While people some people might perfect a classic hot dog, some new menu items are quite tempting.

Dodger stadium has two tempting menu items. The Going Yard is perfect for the person who craves heat. The 16.5-inch jalapeno cheddar sausage feeds a hungry appetite. Add grilled onions, roasted corn, avocado relish and a drizzle of sour cream, this sausage requires multiple napkins.

Also, Dodger Stadium has the Dodger Sausage. This exclusive menu item features “al pastor seasoned sausage stuffed with pineapple chunks.” While not a common pairing, the flavors should have people thinking. It will be interesting to see how this pairs with a topping of cilantro-lime crema.

Fries and tots oh my!

Smoked Burnt Ends Topped Tots, photo provided by Aramark

Fried potatoes, whether a French fry or a tater tot, are one of life’s simple pleasures. MLB stadium menus are using those delicious potatoes as a backdrop for some amazing flavor combinations. It is definitely time to leave the ketchup on the counter.

Numerous MLB stadiums are opting for loaded tots. From Smoked Burnt Ends Topped Tots at Minute Maid Park to Cinnamon Chipotle Topped Tots at PNC Park (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it), these loaded tots are a hunger buster. The key to enjoying loaded tots is to eat them quickly. No one likes a soggy tot.

At T-Mobile Stadium, the KuKu Fries will be a must try. Topped with “togarashie Japanese seasoning, red tobiko (flying fish roe), chili sauce, horseradish crema and chives,” these fries will be a huge hit. While the fries reference pitching phenome Yusei Kikuchi, the fries’ flavors will have foodies lining up game after game for another order.

Or, if you prefer a salty and sweet combo, get a taste of “Crack.” The ’95 Slide brings together hand-cut fries with a Full Tilt ice cream shake. Yes, that combination is a winner every single time.

Chicken gets its due

Cubs Chick-ago Sandwich, photo provided by Levy

While kids might love their nuggets, adults want chicken to be exciting. For this season, chicken is finally getting its due. With a little creativity, chicken is never boring.

One of the key to some of these chicken offerings is the use of chicken thighs. The dark meat is a great choice to bring more flavor. Yes, there is more flavor in the brown.

Wrigley Field’s popular Chick-Ago Sandwich is back. The pickle brined breaded chicken thigh is bursting with flavor. (FYI – try this trick at home for some tasty chicken). With a play on a traditional Chicago Dog, the combination of sport peppers, dill aioli and celery salt make this chicken sandwich a definite game changer.

For an international spin, T-Mobile Park offers a Five Spice Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich. The spice rub should play off the garlic aioli. Most interesting is the house-made pimento cheese topping the sandwich. Who knew that the Southern favorite, pimento cheese, was popular in Seattle?

Ready for dessert?

Stuf’d S’mores, photo provided by Aramark

When going to a game, calorie counting is thrown out the window. With so many sweets tempting foodies at every corner, there is no resisting. It is better to indulge and then hit the treadmill later in the week.

A must try for anyone with a sweet tooth would be Citi Field’s Stuf’d S’mores Nutella Bites. The dessert starts with “graham cracker crusted challah bread French toast filled with a swirl of Nutella.” Even though that sweet goodness would be sufficient, the dessert adds marshmallow, chocolate and maple dulce de leche syrup. Just the description is sugar overload.

Another great choice is the Funnel Cake Poutine at the Rogers Centre. Truthfully, why didn’t someone think of this dessert before? Funnel cake fries topped with ice cream, chocolate, caramel and marshmallow is a definite winner.

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These MLB stadium menus are just a small sampling of the deliciousness that awaits on opening day. If you are catching a game this season, show us what you’re eating by using #FoodSided on social media.