Unicorn Shapes Kraft Mac and Cheese is making dinner magical


Unicorn Shapes Kraft Mac and Cheese is hitting retail store shelves. Could this newest pasta shape make your family meal time a little more magical?

Could Unicorn Shapes Kraft Mac and Cheese become your new favorite unicorn food? While it might not be a bowl of rainbow colored pasta, this new version of Kraft Mac and Cheese does bring a little unicorn magic to the bowl. Will your kids be demanding it?

According to Kraft, the new pasta shapes include unicorn heads, rainbows and stars. While the pasta shapes are new, the classic mac and cheese flavor hasn’t been changed. The new shapes look to capitalize on the unicorn trend.

For many families, Kraft Mac and Cheese is a dinner time staple. With no artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes, the quick, easy meal is always a popular choice. Many households have a least one box in the pantry.

Since mac and cheese is a classic, kid-friendly dish, it can be a great vehicle for parents to expand their kids’ food choice. Sometimes that classic dish can be an easy way to sneak some vegetables into dinner time.

Unicorn Shapes Kraft Mac and Cheese is making dinner magical, photo provided by Kraft

Given the new Unicorn Shapes, this new product could be a great way for families to introduce the concept of eating the rainbow. Since unicorns love rainbow colored food, parents could add some pieces of carrots, broccoli or even peas into that bowl of mac and cheese.

Since unicorns embrace their colorful side, parents can encourage their kids to eat more colorful foods, too. If fun pasta shapes can encourage kids to eat more healthy ingredients, isn’t that a huge win for parents?

Over the years, Kraft has introduced various shapes to its iconic Mac and Cheese. While the traditional elbow macaroni shape will always be iconic, other fun shapes break up the dinner time monotony. A little break from the routine can help parents increase food awareness and potentially introduce new foods.

Unicorn Shapes Kraft Mac and Cheese is available at select retailers as well as online. A box retails for $1.50.

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Will you be serving a magical dinner tonight? With Unicorn Shapes Mac and Cheese, dinner time could be filled with rainbows.