Experts agree, macaroni and cheese should be eaten with this utensil


The macaroni and cheese debate will be settled once and for all. The favorite comfort food should be eaten with this utensil. Right?

What is the right utensil for eating macaroni and cheese? The great utensil debate put the fork versus the spoon. In honor of National Mac & Cheese Day on July 14, Annie’s Organic and Natural Mac and Cheese has determined the ultimate answer. Do you fork yeah or spoons up?

In this survey by Annie’s, the results clearly show a definitive answer. 71% of adults prefer to eat their cheesy, macaroni goodness with a fork. Sorry spoons, but the correct utensil for eating the family favorite mac & cheese is the fork. Let’s all say – fork yeah!

The fork versus spoon debate wasn’t the only interesting fact from this Annie’s survey. 1/3 of the people surveyed say that mac & cheese is their go-to comfort food. There is something about the cheesy, creamy sauce that is quite satisfying.

Annie’s Organic & Natural Mac and Cheese, photo provided by Annie’s

Actually, the creamier sauces are preferred. One way to ensure the best creamy sauce is to make your mac & cheese correctly. While the instructions are always on the box, most people learn how to make this iconic dish from a family member.

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In my household, my kids are able to make their own mac & cheese. Since this meal is one of their favorite foods to eat, it was a natural way to get them into the kitchen. With a little safety instruction and smart cooking technique, the kids can make their own comforting bowl of mac & cheese after a long swim practice or a stressful day at school.

As a parent, I know that my kids enjoy their mac & cheese. Still, I want to ensure that that box of comforting goodness is both tasty and good for them. Personally, I prefer to use a brand like Annie’s, which focuses on wholesome ingredients. That mac & cheese doesn’t need synthetic colors or artificial flavors to taste delicious.

Since mac & cheese is such a popular dish, parents can use it to be a little sneaky with some healthy additions. While the majority of people want to taste cheese in every bite, parents could make that cheesy goodness a nutrition boost, too. Who says that parents can’t use a little food creativity now and again.

With all that cheese, a few extra vegetables could get thrown into the mix. Sure, the kids might not jump at the chance to know that a piece of cauliflower or broccoli is hidden in the bowl. All that cheesy goodness makes up for the vegetable add-ons.

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With National Mac and Cheese Day (7/14) later this week, it is a perfect excuse to eat a big bowl of the beloved comfort food. You could even eat a bowl for breakfast (no judgments).

Just remember the proper way to eat that delicious macaroni and cheese. Get a forkful of cheesy, macaroni goodness. Fork Yeah!