What’s on America’s ultimate fried chicken platter?


For National Fried Chicken Day, what’s on America’s ultimate fried chicken platter? You might want to prepare for the heat?

Can you guess what’s on America’s ultimate fried chicken platter? July 6, National Fried Chicken Day is a great excuse to indulge on the classic, crispy goodness that is fried chicken. Whether you make a version at home or head to your favorite fast casual restaurant, can you guess the ultimate combination platter for this juicy, crispy chicken indulgence?

According to GrubHub, America’s ultimate fried chicken platter features “Spicy Fried Boneless Chicken covered in Sriracha sauce with a side of potato wedges with ranch dressing on the side.” As your mouth starts salivating, let’s think about this ultimate plate of food. How many food trends can you spot?

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

First, spice is king. From the spices in the fried coating to the Sriracha, Americans love their spice. The bold, robust flavors are everywhere. A quick tour of the condiment aisle shows that bland, boring flavors are gone. From exotic spices to the upper levels of the Scoville level, even the traditional Heinz ketchup has had a spicy upgrade.

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The changes in spice comfort level come from people being more willing to explore flavor. Whether people are traveling more or just enjoy the heat, it isn’t surprising that spicy fried chicken and Sriracha were on the platter.

Recently, Nashville Hot Chicken has popped up all across the nation. Even Pringles has made a chip with this flavor. The regional favorite with a pickle is a spicy, yet tangy option. Could another regional favorite change how people enjoy this classic chicken dish?

Lastly, a boneless chicken is quite strange. Sure, some people don’t like to pull meat off a bone. Bone-in chicken has lots of flavor. Ever wonder why boneless chicken breast doesn’t have a lot of flavor – no bone. I guess that the spices and condiments help to add the flavors that are missing from no bone.

As for the side for this ultimate platter, the potato wedges don’t make any sense. It seems that orders for potato wedges have increased by 50%. Personally, I prefer corn, coleslaw or something not fried. Sure, people aren’t necessarily want a plate of steamed vegetables, but there are more flavorful options than potato wedges.

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Will you be enjoying some fried chicken on National Fried Chicken Day? My plate won’t exactly be like America’s ultimate fried chicken platter but it will be filled with spice. Who’s hungry?