Dunkin’ PEEPS donuts and coffee, Spring is looking sweet


Spring has sprung at Dunkin’. The new Dunkin’ PEEPS donuts and coffee flavors bring a sweet surprise to the Spring menu.

PEEPS donuts are hopping out of the Easter basket and into the bakery case at Dunkin’. As part of its Spring menu launch, Dunkin’ will be offers PEEPS donuts and coffee. Are you ready for this marshmallow goodness coming to brighten up your morning?

The PEEPS themed menu items are both the donut and PEEPS® Marshmallow Flavored Coffee and espresso drinks. The donut features the bright yellow PEEPS mini-chick on top with green and egg-shaped sprinkles on top of white icing. This donut is definitely a sweet treat.

According to Dunkin’ the coffee features “creamy taste of classic PEEPS® Marshmallow.” It appears that the coffee itself has the PEEPS flavor. This idea appears to be different than the previously announced PEEPS coffee creamer. In a way, the flavored coffee is a good option for marshmallow fans who prefer a non-dairy coffee option.

Dunkin’ PEEPS Donut, new spring menu items, photo provided by Dunkin’

While the PEEPS offerings will get people’s attention, these sweet marshmallow enhanced treats aren’t the only new menu items. Dunkin’ is adding several new choices including “Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew, the new Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, Iced Tea Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade.”

Truthfully, the Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich is a game changer. The bacon, itself, features the sriracha. While candied bacon is common, the combination of sweet and heat is interesting.

Many people love hot sauce on their breakfast sandwiches, but it can be messy. By adding the heat to the bacon itself, the flavor should be strong without the sauce “mess” issue.
Truthfully, this idea is something that people could replicate at home. Just think how sweet sriracha bacon would taste on a burger.

The new PEEPS donut and other new Spring menu items will appear at participating Dunkin’ stores starting April 1. These items will be available for a limited time.

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Do you think that the Easter bunny will be bringing a basket of Dunkin’ PEEPS treats this year?