DoorDash launches Kitchens Without Borders, highlighting food industry issue


DoorDash’s Kitchens Without Borders raises awareness to a critical issue within the food industry. The human story within the kitchen deserves to be told.

Kitchens Without Borders is a new initiative from DoorDash. While DoorDash is known as the “fastest growing on-demand platform for door-to-door delivery,” that brand recognition allows the company to use its platform for good. This program seeks to inform, educate and raise awareness to the human stories behind the food that people love.

When you sit down for a meal, do you think about how that food arrives on your plate? As people educate themselves on organic ingredients, eating restrictions and other food related issues, one important aspect is often overlooked. The restaurant that makes your favorite meal might be filled with hardship and hope.

Many foodies have watched Chef’s Table or read about Chef Cristina Martinez. The award winning chef has become an immigrant rights’ activist. While her story is well publicized, there are millions of other emphatic stories that have gone unnoticed.

According to DoorDash, this new initiative “aims to provide visibility to historically under-resourced food entrepreneurs while cultivating a more sustainable and inclusive food economy.” On the program’s website, select restaurants will be featured. The 1 minute videos will highlight the stories behind the restaurants.

Tony Xu, DoorDash’s CEO and Co-Founder, as a personal connection to the restaurant industry. His mom ran a Chinese restaurant. She poured her hopes, dreams and desire for a better life into that business. Through this program, he hopes to “connect people and possibility.”

That simple phrase is quite telling. While consumers search for positive reviews, beautiful food photos and food trends, the people behind those fabulous creations are often overlooked. Sure, celebrity chefs can bring in restaurant guests. But, the hardworking, local establishments can be at a disadvantage.

If a local, small establishment can establish a loyal customer base, it can grow. Word of mouth can spread and that ideal of a better life through a successful restaurant becomes possible.

While concepts like Small Business Saturday get a lot of attention during holiday shopping times, this type of program works all year round. Even if a consumer makes the effort periodically to support a local, hard-working establishment, that change can have an impact.

Right now, Kitchens Without Borders is highlighting 10 San Francisco based restaurants. Given the importance of this concept, an expansion into other cities could have a huge impact.

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If you live in the Bay Area, consider one of these highlighted restaurants. Doesn’t everyone deserve the opportunity to believe in the possible?