April Fools Day jokes are a feast for foodies and food brands


Heard any good April Fools Day jokes? Foodies and food brands seem to be winning the prank filled holiday with some ideas too good to be true.

Did you fall for any April Fools Day jokes? A quick search of your favorite brand, celebrity or influencer might have had you scratching your head. Given the level of detail and thought into these special promotions, it can be hard to spot the joke from the reality. Even one of the promotions might have made me think twice.

Since April Fools Day is about a good laugh, there were quite a few jokes that us here at FoodSided laugh at the prank. While there were no exploding cakes, salt filled cookies or other questionable recipes floating around the office, a few potential new food items did spark our interest.

Here are FoodSided’s top picks for best April Fool’s Day jokes for the food fans.

Kimpton’s food trends

Kimpton’s list of food trends was extremely well done. While this list was a joke, the slight nod to reality made it totally believable. Sure, a sea water cocktail might be a little to briny for even my palate, the succulent steaks could be real. Yes, food trends can be a little crazy, but did you fall for that joke?

Red Lobster’s straws

Ditching the plastic straw is a hot topic conservation. No one wants to kill a turtle. When Red Lobster looked to replace its straws with licorice, people took notice. Sure, kids would love it, but do you really want everything to taste like licorice?

Nissin Cup Noodles® and HyperX® Introduce HyperX Cup MIX-IN: First Headphone Specially Designed to Create the Ultimate Sensorial Experience for Cup Noodles Fans, photo provided by Cup Noodles

Nissin Cup Noodles

Who doesn’t love a good slurp? The HyperX Cup MIX-IN was said to create the ultimate sensorial experience while eating Cup Noodles. With these headphones, the good slurp wouldn’t interfere with any slurping.

Rosévelt Island

Three Olives® Vodka recommends the rebranding of Roosevelt Island to Rosévelt Island. For fans of rosé or just an open bar, this summer destination is a must visit.

Rosévelt Island: Three Olives® Vodka, photo provided by Three Olives Vodka

Auntie Anne’s Hot Yoga Studios

The idea of literally twisting yourself into a pretzel was the premise of this joke. While intended to show the brand’s commitment to brand satisfaction, did anyone really think hybrid pretzel/hot yoga concept was really happening?


Since our four legged family members shouldn’t be left out of the fun, Plated’s Dogs-Only Gourmet School was a good choice. The Dogspeak recipe card ensures those furry friends get the best home cooking possible. After all, “Kevin the dachshund, says “I got tired of hearing ‘you’re a wiener.’ Now that I’ve got my degree, all I hear is ‘you’re a winner!’””


A little controversial option, this Jägermeister joke might have some college memories written all over it. Enough said.

McAlister’s Deli

One of the brand’s top selling items is there tea. For the holiday, McAlister’s Tea Kegs would be available. This option became available because a 32 oz cup was just too small.

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What were the best April Fools Day jokes that you saw today? Could any of them really be true?