Free Pepperoni P’ZONE will have you cheering for the ultimate comeback


What’s better than the P’Zone’s return? A free Pepperoni P’Zone will have everyone cheering for the ultimate comeback during the Final Four.

Want a free Pepperoni P’Zone? With all the happiness over the return of the P’Zone, a free one could be the ultimate score. Now that the Final Four are set, could another upset, unlikely outcome or ultimate comeback be achieved in the final rounds? Pizza fans could cheer for that outcome.

According to Pizza Hut, chief brand officer, Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut was thrilled with fans’ enthusiasm over the return of the P’Zone. In honor of that excitement, the brand wanted to combine Final Four excitement with the P’Zone’s return. She said, We wanted to find a way to bring the excitement of what’s happening on the court to fans at home, and there’s no better way to reward our P’ZONE® lovers than with the potential to win a free one during the pinnacle of March Madness!”

To score a free Pepperoni P’Zone, a team must make the ultimate comeback during the Final Four Championship Games. If a team “overcomes a 17-point deficit to win” people get a free P’Zone. While this points blown might not be the ultimate outcome that some fans want, people could get some free food. Maybe free food could make a loss a little less devastating.

Pizza Hut P’Zone returns, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Now, to get this free food offer, you might be enrolled with the Hut Rewards program. If you haven’t signed up, you still have some time. You must be enrolled and opt into this promotion prior to the first tip-off of the first Final Four basketball game.

Of course, this free food promotion excites both food fans and basketball fans. Who doesn’t like a free food promotion? Given the overall excitement regarding the P’Zone, tons of people will be signing up for the promotion.

Given the requirement of blowing a 17 point lead to go onto victory, it might not seem very likely that everyone will be getting that free food. Still, if you don’t like the remaining teams, are bitter that your team lost or don’t care about basketball, routing for free food is always a good choice.

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Do you think that a free Pepperoni P’Zone could be in your future?