Best Angry Orchard Cider pairings, a perfect dish for every beverage


The best Angry Orchard Cider pairings could have you dreaming of relaxing days, delicious dinners and good times around the table.

Food and beverage pairings are always entertaining because it requires some eating and drinking. Finding the best Angry Orchard Cider pairings might seem like laborious, difficult work, but someone has to do it. Right?

Recently, Angry Orchard launched the Cider+Food App. This augmented reality app makes cider and food suggestions. Based on the various ciders’ tasting notes, head cider maker Ryan Burk makes food pairing suggestions. From specific recipes to food inspiration, this app shows that cider deserves a place at the table.

Cider has seen a huge growth in popularity. As an alternative to beer and cocktails, cider offers a refreshing, sometimes crisp alternative libation. As the cider market expands, fans and occasional drinkers are looking for ways to enjoy the alcoholic beverage.

While there are numerous ways to pair wine with food and even beer with food, the cider and food pairings are just starting to evolve. Since ciders often have more distinct flavors, a little guidance on finding the optimal flavor combinations can be helpful.

Although people should always drink and eat what they prefer, a little guidance can increase enjoyment. Just like beer and wine pairings, a flavor combination can show nuances in both the food and beverages. It can help a person discover something new, create a better appreciation or even solidify that love of a certain flavor.

Through the Angry Orchard Cider+Food App, there are a few suggested cider and food pairings. Based on those recommendations, a few more ideas are warranted as well. Are you ready to explore some food and beverage pairings?

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

The number one hard cider in the U.S. is very apple forward. More of a Fiji apple flavor, this cider was recommended to pair with sweet barbecue dishes, like a pulled pork slider. The sweetness plays off the brightness in the cider. The same can be said of other barbecue dishes, a roasted pork loin or even a juicy burger. For a summer barbecue, this particular cider would be a wonderful choice.


The Rosé idea never stops. This cider version has many floral notes. With a touch of sweetness and a little brightness, this beverage is lovely with lighter fare, like the suggested prosciutto-wrapped melon. A personal recommendation is pairing the Rosé with spicy Asian foods. The sweet and acid play well off the bolder flavors. Then again, can you ever go wrong with Rosé all day?

Easy Apple

The name says it all. This easy-drinking cider can basically go with almost any food or dish. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif, with an entrée or paired with a dessert, the Easy Apple is just that, easy. Angry Orchard recommends fish dishes and fruit forward desserts. Personally, a roasted chicken works well as does a light pasta dish.


The newest member of the Angry Orchard line, Pear, is a great beverage for a cheese plate. While apple and cheese are a classic combination, pears and cheese are even better. The slight pear notes bring out the cheeses’ flavors. From a baked brie to a traditional cheese plate, it is great to discover the pear and cheese pairing.

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What do you think are the best Angry Orchard Cider pairings? Share your thoughts and maybe it will be the next food and beverage pairing on our table.