Stella Artois: 5 facts that you may not know about this beer


Stella Artois is more than just any beer. These five facts about the Belgium beer could have you enjoying the ritual as much as the beer.

Stella Artois, the popular Belgium beer, celebrates the ritual of drinking beer. After this year’s successful Super Bowl commercial, beer drinkers have been encouraged to switch their “usual” for a good cause. Still, the partnership with is only one reason to discover this particular beer.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, National Beer Day or just because, a glass of Stella is always enjoyable. As you sit back to enjoy a glass, consider these five interesting facts about the Belgium beer.

A Stella holiday?

Did you know that Stella was originally a special holiday beer? Latin for star, stella was a special brew. Given how well it was received and adored by many, the beer was brewed all year round. Now, any occasion is special celebratory moment with a Stella.

5 facts about Stella Artois, photo provided by Stella Artois

Unique yeast

Did you know that Stella’s yeast is unique to its brewery? No other brewery in the world uses this particular yeast strain. It was used in 1926 with its first brew, the special yeast has been used ever since. It is a very, very special starter.

Noble hops

While Stella was a considered a holiday beer, it is appropriate that noble hops are used in the brewing process. Stella used Saaz hops as one of its ingredients. Saaz hops have a slightly floral, herbal and earthy qualities. It adds a lovely aromatic element to the beer.

The Chalice

Have you ever noticed that Stella is served in a special chalice? The glass’s special design creates the perfect head foam. Additionally, the curved glass enhances the aroma in each sip. If you put it to the test, you will always ask for the chalice after that experience.


Did you know that there is a ritual to enjoying a Stella? According to the brand, there is a nine step ritual to enjoying a perfectly poured Stella. From the angle of the pour to a final dip in water, savoring that perfect sip is worth the perfected ritual.

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Do you enjoy a Stella Artois? What’s your favorite way to enjoy this beer?