World’s Sweetest Internship is back at Mars Wrigley


The World’s Sweetest Internship is more than just sampling Mars Wrigley delicious confections. This job opportunity is on a mission to create better moments in people’s lives.

Get your resume ready. Mars Wrigley World’s Sweetest Internship is open for applications. While the title might infer visions of a Willy Wonka inspired candy dream world, this opportunity is more than just sugary delights. With the goal of creating better moments, this internship could be the start of something bigger.

Last year, Mars Wrigley launched this candy-focused internship to the delight of candy fans. While some people might have thought this program was a contest, it was a real business position. Working for the “world’s largest maker of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections” is an opportunity of a lifetime.

While candy is the focus, the internship does include a lot of community outreach. Some of the activities will focus on giving back to Chicago, Mars Wrigley headquarters’ location. Although big candy announcements often get the attention, Mars Wrigley, through the Mars Wrigley Foundation, looks to make differences in people’s lives. When the company says that candy can make better moments, this community outreach makes those moments happen.

Still, candy is fun. This job isn’t just about spreadsheets and manufacturing plants. Part of the experience is seeing how and why candy brings better moments to people. Whether it is the simple first bite of a candy bar that seems to wipe away the bad day to remembering that excitement when you first blew a gum bubble, candy can be a moment of pure bliss.

World’s Sweetest Internship is back at Mars Wrigley, photo provided by Mars Wrigley

Looking at a few of the ideal candidate qualities, there is a little bit of fun associated with this position. A lot of credit goes to the Mars Wrigley team recognizing talent who can “distinguish between the chocolate used in SNICKERS® vs. M&M’S®; name all five fruity flavors from the Skittles rainbow; and prove they can keep a potted peppermint plan alive for at least eight weeks.” Since my growing thumb is rather grey, not green, my application may not go to the top of the pile.

While many people might dream of the job of being a kid in a candy store, this position is more than days counting the flavor combinations in a Skittles bag. Candy is part science, part business and part entertainment. That bag of candy sitting in your desk drawer didn’t just magically appear. There are many hard working people behind that Zombie Skittles or M&Ms flavor.

If you think that the World’s Sweetest Internship could be your dream job, the application process is open. The internship is a “8-12 week, fully paid opportunity—with a signing bonus of one year’s worth of candy.” To read the job description and to apply, please visit

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Are you ready to create some better moments in the world? This Mars Wrigley internship could be your sweet opportunity.