New Tim Hortons Tims Rewards, 7 is your lucky number


The New Tim Hortons Tims Rewards has fans ready to make another purchase. With this loyalty program, seven is everyone’s lucky number.

Could a reward program change your morning routine? The New Tim Hortons Tims Rewards could have people re-thinking their morning coffee and breakfast routine. In the company’s just released loyalty program, fans will have another reason to grab a coffee or some Timbits.

According to Tim Hortons, the new loyalty program, Tims Rewards, offers a simple, easy to understand structure. After every seventh visit, a guest “will eligible for any size hot brewed coffee, hot tea, or baked good (except for Timbits® and bagels).”

Seven was chosen on purpose. That number was hockey legend Tim Horton’s retiring jersey number. It makes sense that the loyalty program incorporates that iconic number.

Truthfully, this loyalty program takes the guesswork out of achieving a reward. While other coffee companies use dollar amounts, stars and levels, this program is about visits. It doesn’t matter if you buy a plain black coffee or a triple shot latte, everyone gets rewarded for walking in the door and making any purchase.

The simplicity of the program is great for the simple coffee drinker. Sometimes those plain, black coffee drinkers are left in the cold. In some programs, those stars expire long before they accumulate a reward.

The coffee market is becoming extremely crowded. Beyond the traditional coffee shops, fast food companies are trying to find their way into the ever expanding niche. Coffee is more than a morning jolt of caffeine. It has become the anytime beverage option.

Additionally, brands need to find a way to keep guests engaged. Loyalty programs, which make consumers feel better about their purchase, enhance the overall experience. Large scale brands without loyalty programs are falling behind.

Right now, Tims Rewards will be available in a tangible card as well as an app version. Guests can register at any Tim Hortons restaurant in the U.S.

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What do you think about the New Tim Hortons Tims Rewards? Will you become a member?