Could this cookware help you channel your inner Grant Achatz?


Highly acclaimed chef Grant Achatz has put his name behind this brand of cookware. Could this company change the housewares space?

Good cookware is integral to achieving a quality result. For someone like Grant Achatz, world-renowned chef and restaurateur of The Alinea Group, immense care is taken with each and every part of the food experience. For him to back a housewares brand, people take notice. Does this partnership put Made In, the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer cookware company, in a different league?

Recently, Made In announced that The Alinea Group, Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, were becoming Advisory Board members for the brand. More importantly, this announcement coincided with Made In cookware being featured in The Alinea Group restaurants. Now, foodies can cook with the same pots and pans that Chef Achatz and his team uses.

While a specific pan may not completely transform the home cook’s cooking abilities, the  Achatz stamp of approval is huge. Anyone who has dined at one of The Alinea Group’s restaurants understands the precision, care and detail that goes into each and every creation. A change in their cookware wouldn’t happen on a whim.

Chef Grant Achatz cooking with Made In cookware, photo provided by Made In

According to the Made In team, they commented “Grant, his team and Nick all put the cookware to the test. They’ve been using Made In for all of their home cooking in the past few months and they believe they’re terrific. Grant’s teams need to maneuver pans for hundreds of dishes every night, and they loved the hand feel and heat distribution compared to the competition.”

Still, the home cook is cooking on a much smaller scale, but the comments are quite telling. A good pan needs to feel secure in a cook’s hand. Like a good knife, everyone has a different appreciation for heft, style and comfort. Based on these comments, these pans should have those qualities.

Additionally, heat distribution is imperative to proper cooking. If a dish doesn’t cook evenly, the final product is subpar. Even heat allows the cook to ensure that the dish is done right each and every time.

In truth, this partnership seems to work because both Made In and The Alinea Group strive to do something different and better. For example, Made In controls its supply chain, which is unlike other brands. The goal to produce high quality culinary tools that enhance the cook’s experience will make this brand stand out.

Many people might be drawn to this brand because of The Alinea Group affiliation. While many people may never have the opportunity to eat at Alinea, they could learn from Chef Achatz through the Made In tutorial videos. If a partnership can spark a love affair with cooking and food, isn’t that a win for everyone?

Made In cookware can be purchased via the company’s website.

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While few people may have the culinary vision of Chef Achatz, everyone can experience cooking on the same pans that he uses. Will this partnership spark you to make a purchase?