A La Mode adopts new eco-friendly practices with a sprinkle of fun


A La Mode has been a leader in the premium, nut, sesame, and egg-free ice cream market. Today’s new initiatives put them on the fast track.

A La Mode believes that food allergies shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures, ice cream. The New York based brand has long be considered one of the best handcrafted, premium, nut-sesame-and-egg-free ice creams. Even non-allergy sufferers go out of their way for this ice cream.

Since quality is important to the brand, it just announced that all of its ingredients will be all-natural. Without compromising on taste or quality, this change show a commitment to a better product that can be enjoyed by all types of consumers.

Looking at one aspect in particular, six of the brand’s well known flavors, like Cooks, Speed Bump, Wired, Vanilla, Chocolate and Pink Sprinkle, will feature all-natural coloring. Just like allergens, non-natural colorings can be a concern for some people. By focusing on all-natural ingredients, the ice cream company opens its doors to an even wider audience.

In addition to the ingredient change, A La Mode is revamping its packaging. Since single use, disposable containers can be a trash burden, these new containers will be “one-hundred percent recyclable.” This decision keeps in line with the company’s vision to be a fully sustainable company.


Since ice cream if often a fun, celebratory food, there needs to be a little playful side to these new practices. The new packages will offer a color-changing spoon. Located in the lid of the pint, this color changing spoon makes eating ice cream an entertaining experience.

When it comes to eating ice cream, there is something that brings back that those light-hearted, childhood moments. A bowl of ice cream, covered in sprinkles could bring smiles and an afternoon of simple joy.

Adding a color changing spoon to the package lid seems to capture that moment of simple fun. In a way, it is like being told that everyone (regardless of age) can play with their food, at least a little.

The new A La Mode revamped ice cream and containers will be available both in stores and online.

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Everyone raise their spoons! The new A La Mode ice cream is a treat that everyone can enjoy.