Masters and Sunday birdies has Natty Light fans celebrating with free beer


Watching the Masters? Sunday birdies could reward Natty Light fans with something more than just watching the winning put on the green jacket.

Need a reason to watch the Masters? Natty Light fans will be closely watching Sunday’s action. With the possibility of free beer, everyone will be cheering for Sunday birdies.

While not everyone is a golf fan, a few golf rules are well known to most. Birdies (aka scoring 1-under on a hole) put golfers in a good mood. Since the lowest score denotes ultimate victory, getting a birdie should be celebrated. Scoring birdies on Masters’ Sunday puts a golfer one step closer to that coveted green jacket.

Since most people watch the first Major of the year on television, there may not be as many reasons to jump off the couch in celebration. This year, Natty Light (aka Natural Light) is giving everyone a reason to cheer for more birdies on Masters Sunday. Could free beer for a year be in your future?

According to Natural Light, during Sunday’s final round of the Masters, “Natty will give away free beer for a YEAR every time a golfer shoots a birdie.” To join this quest for free beer, just tweet # BirdieLight and #Sweepstakes to the beer brand on Sunday. Some lucky fans could be enjoying a lot of beer.

Of course, there is a reason behind this special promotion. The beer brand is celebrating the fact that its calorie count is under its competitor, Miller Lite. Basically, Natty has a “one stroke win” over Miller (aka 95 calories versus 96 calories).

With so many beer wars going on, this promotion is fun. Given the golf analogy, it is definitely a “gentleman” way of celebrating this one point victory.

Instead of focusing on negativity, Natty pays the reward forward to fans. Even if this beer isn’t your “normal,” a free beer is always a good thing.

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Why not have a little fun on Masters Sunday. Let’s all cheer for some Sunday birdies. There might be a free Natty Light beer in it for you.