Bigfire at Universal Orlando Resort builds flavor through fire


Bigfire, set to open at Universal Orlando Resort, will showcase how wood fire grill can build robust, layered flavor in classic American fare.

A new restaurant is coming to Universal Orlando Resort. Bigfire is set to be a focal point of the bustling City Walk area. Taking over the former Emeril’s space, this restaurant will have a decidedly different feel from the previous restaurant. Are you ready to embrace the fire grilled feast?

Universal Orlando describes the new restaurant as having a lakeside lodge atmosphere. With custom wood fire grill as the heart of the restaurant, the flame not only entices guests will an enchanting view but also with a delicious aroma.

Similar to other Universal restaurants, the theme is carefully woven through both the menu and the décor. Each detail builds on the experience. In a way, the authenticity is key to the perfect meal.

Big Fire 16oz Cowboy Ribeye Steak, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

While the ambiance sets the tone for the meal, the food must deliver on that mouth-watering, fire grilled perfection. Looking at some of the menu offerings, these choices balance both the approachable and the creative. The biggest concern during a meal will be deciding which menu option to order.

According to Universal, wood, itself, will play a role in creating each menu item’s particular layered flavor. Anyone who grills or smokes foods understands that wood adds certain flavor profiles and notes to a dish. There is a definite difference in using Cherrywood or Pecanwood in a dish’s final result.

After looking at a few of the potential menu items, the chili and cocoa rubbed top sirloin will definitely be a top choice. The combination of sweet and bitter from the rub should play well off the rich sirloin. It will be curious to see which wood is used in this dish.

Bigfire Farmers Harvest Salad, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

For a more creative menu item, Universal mentioned that it will feature smoked salads. While grilled greens and even tomatoes can be delightful, it will be interesting to see how smoke/grilling affects other salad components. Based on the above picture, a smoked bread will be quite intriguing.

Lastly, one dessert might quickly become a must order. It appears that Baked Alaska will be featured. This classic, old school dessert, which is set ablaze, will definitely become a popular choice. How many Instagram stories will you see of this dessert?

Big Fire Baked Alaska, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Of course, there are many traditional American favorites on the menu. From classic burgers to even make your own s’mores, this restaurant is for everyone, not just foodies.

While Universal Orlando Resort hasn’t announced the exact opening date for Bigfire, it should open this summer. Given the other new openings, like Today Café and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, it will be a busy summer at Universal Orlando.

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Are you planning your next visit to Universal Orlando Resort? Will Bigfire be part of your dining plans?