7-Eleven asks POKÉMON Detective Pikachu to solve mystery-flavored Slurpee


7-Eleven is excited about the upcoming POKÉMON Detective Pikachu movie. With clues everywhere, who will solve the mystery-flavored Slurpee?

Counting down the days to POKÉMON Detective Pikachu arrives in theaters? 7-Eleven is building excitement for the highly anticipated movie with numerous POKÉMON themed promotions leading up to the May 10th premiere. How many items will you catch?

As the largest convenience-retailing chain, 7-Eleven understands that fans are loyal and favorite products bring them into stores. Whether it is the Slurpee that is the perfect end to a long week or the convenience of the 7NOW delivery platform, keeping customers happy and engaged is key to remaining at the top of the game.

After a hugely successful Deadpool 2 promotion last summer, this newest movie tie-in expands the entertainment beyond the food and beverage aisles. While people might not be able to translate Pikachu, they will get to have some fun with favorite POKÉMON characters.

To kick off this promotion, there are engaging activities that will keep people entertained. Starting with the dollar deal promotions, everyone has a reason to small cup of the new hot mocha, medium Cold Brew or medium Slurpee drink for just a dollar. Since food is always our focus, the Hi-Hat Mocha hot beverage is a must try.

Did you know that coffee is 7-Eleven’s number one selling product? Since Detective Pikachu loves, no needs, his coffee, the Hi-Hat Mocha will definitely satisfy that craving. The name is from the café featured in the upcoming movie.

This hot beverage combined chocolate and coffee flavors with steamed milk. Of course, the beverage wouldn’t be complete without a frothy foam top.

If the Hi-Hat Mocha leaves you wanting more chocolate, the 7-Select private label chocolate bars created three themed bars. They are Bolt’n Banana Milk Chocolate, Roaring Raspberry Confection and Psyched-up Orange Milk Chocolate.

While all three candy bars are quite tasty, I would recommend the Psyched-up Orange Milk Chocolate. It offers the right balance of sweet yet slightly tart, which goes perfect with a cup of coffee. Detective Pikachu approves.

Of course, a special promotion always has to include a Slurpee tie-in. For this event, there are two Slurpee offerings. First, there are limited-edition Slurpee bottles and straws. These colorful bottles are perfect for that refreshing Slurpee.

Second, there is a mystery Slurpee drink. Fans must use their expert sleuthing skills to guess the three flavors in this Mystery Slurpee drink. Be sure to follow on Instagram to see who has expert solving skills like Detective Pikachu.

All the details on these promotions and more can be found on the 7-Eleven app, online and in stores.

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Time to put on your detective hat and head to 7-Eleven to discover the POKÉMON Detective Pikachu promotions. What mystery will you solve?