Ditching plastic straws is necessary and now easier


Ditching plastic straws isn’t just a choice, it is becoming the norm. With these reusable straws, the single use plastic option will a thing of the past.

The world’s plastics problems are growing each and every day. Ditching plastic straws is one easy, simple step to start to combat this single use plastic problem. While some drinks can be enjoyed without the use of a straw, some beverages need straws. Luckily there are many reusable options.

Oceana has lead the fight against single use plastics. Jacqueline Savitz, Oceana’s Chief Policy Officer for North America has said, “The imperative to reduce single-use plastic at the source has never been as clear as it is today.” Whether it is the reusable water bottle, devices like SodaStream or the reusable straws, the choices and changes are at everyone’s finger tips.

At this year’s International Home and Housewares Show, reusable straws seemed to be everywhere. From metal straws to collapsible straws to silicone straws, there is an option, variety and choice for just about anyone. With so many options, there is no reason to use a single use plastic.

For many people, convenience is often the reason why they can’t ditch a plastic straw. If you can’t live without a straw for sipping that favorite beverage, several companies offer reusable straws in travel cases.

GoSip, portable, collapsible reusable straw, photo provided by GoSip/Final Touch/IHHS

These small cases are smaller than your phone. Some brands, like GoSip, come with a little foldable brush to ensure that the reusable straw stays clean. While brands vary, the cost is minimal compared to the benefit this change has on the environment.

For the home, some people prefer stainless steel reusable straws. The Zoku collapsible reusable straw with silicon mouthpiece is a great option. The silicone mouthpiece makes it comfortable to use. Plus, the telescoping feature makes it work with any beverage.

One reason why some people still resist the reusable straws is the ability to clean them well. Most reusable straws now come with a little brush to clean them. Even if you don’t have the brush while out, rinse the straw with water after each use to avoid sticky substances from accumulating in the straw.

As more and more people realize the detriment to using plastic straws, more companies and better options will become available. From theme parks ditching the plastic to Starbucks changing its cups, reducing single use plastics isn’t a choice, it needs to become a necessity.

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Are you part of the ditching the plastic straws movement? Isn’t it time to make a change for the better?