Get paid to go on vacation? Hoegaarden is paying you to slow down


Hoegaarden, the popular Belgium White beer, is going to pay some people to go on vacation. Are you ready to slow down?

Can you sit down and relax? Hoegaarden thinks that more people need to find those moments to sit back, relax and take it nice and slow. Actually, the brand is willing to pay some lucky people to take it slow.

Hoegaarden understands that taking it slow has its rewards. For 700 years, the original Belgian Wheat Beer has employed that technique in making its wheat beer. The rare, slow, double fermentation process creates that beer that people have loved for centuries.

Unlike many other beers, this double fermentation process creates its unique taste. The beer rests for two weeks. This particular brewing process allows for a natural carbonation and enhances the beer’s signature taste.

For those unfamiliar, this Belgium Wit beer has flavors of coriander and orange peel. There is a lovely blend of sweet and sour. This unfiltered Belgium White pairs well with almost anything, especially just sipping a cold one on a slow, easy afternoon.

To encourage people to embrace slowing down, the Belgium beer maker is going to pay some people to experience a different trip. The beer maker will not only send you to Belgium but it will also pay you to take that trip, $1445 to be exact.

Getting a free vacation is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to pack some bags and get away? Plus, receiving $1445 (that dollar amount represents the year the beer brand was founded) only adds to the excitement.

While this event is a promotion, the purpose is intriguing. Although many people look for adventure and excitement on a vacation, a locale that embraces the quiet and slow can be enjoyable, too. This location in Belgium offers celebrates nature, simple pleasures and even some delicious citrusy tasting beer.

Would you want to get paid to go on vacation? Please visit for all the rules and details.

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Why not slow down, relax and sip on the delicious Hoegaarden beer. Sometimes it pays to relax a little.