SodaStream launches “Proud to be Green” Earth Day Challenge


SodaStream has been a leader in the campaign to ditch single use plastics. With the “Proud to be Green” Earth Day Challenge, it seeks to raise more awareness.

Are you “Proud to be Green?” SodaStream thinks that this simple statement is more than just words. As people increase “green” discussions on Earth Day, the world’s leading sparkling water brand wants to encourage a bigger green conversation.

For years, SodaStream has been a strong voice in ditching single use plastics. With this simple to use small appliance, regular water can be transformed into a variety of sparkling beverages. From a simple sparkling water to a flavored sparkling beverage, the options are many.

According to the brand, “One reusable SodaStream bottle replaces thousands of single-use plastic bottles.” Even if one family made a switch, the impact can be valuable. Small steps to make a change can foster bigger discussions and eventually large scale improvements.

Bryan Welsh, General Manager, SodaStream USA said, “This Earth Day, we want to celebrate those Americans who are proactively helping the planet, and assist those who want to join the cause with our ‘Proud to be Green’ Earth Day Challenge.”

To encourage more people to go “green,” the brand is celebrating greens across the country this Earth Day. From people with the last name “Green” or cities containing the name “Green,” there is a special discount on the company website. Also, there are discounts for everyone on Earth Day at select retailers.

While ditching the single use plastics is a smart choice for the environment, this promotion promotes the conversation. Although not everyone will go and buy this device, it could have people think twice before buying another water bottle, soda or even using that plastic straw. Change doesn’t necessarily have to be over dramatic, but it does need to happen.

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Are you ready to join SodaStream and add some bubbles to your day? Show that you’re Proud to be Green and start the conversation today.