Taco Bell encourages you to reBELL because tacos are for every day


Why does Tuesday get all the taco love? Taco Bell thinks it is time to reBELL against a single day of taco enjoyment and has the perfect answer.

Have a craving for Taco Bell tacos but upset that it isn’t taco Tuesday? Why does Tuesday deserve all the taco love? Every day can be a taco celebration and the popular fast food chain encourages everyone to reBELL against the single day taco day.

Of course, Taco Tuesday has become a popular food mantra. While the alliteration is easy to remember and it can help with family meal planning, tacos aren’t and shouldn’t be limited to just Tuesdays. No one should push aside that taco craving just because it is the wrong day of the week.

Since it believes that every day can be a taco day, Taco Bell Party Parks are celebrating the “Taco rebellion.” As seen in this fun promotion, the brand is celebrates the taco with an epic dance-off.

While this promotion is entertaining, the underlying concept is interesting. According to Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg, the brand is looking to celebrate tacos without limits. “When you think of tacos, you should think of getting together with friends any day, not just one day of the week.”

In a way, this concept extends beyond just these taco party packs. Tacos have become a classic party food. Whether you enjoy a crunchy or soft taco or meat or vegetarian option, tacos seem to appeal to a wide group of people, which makes it a great party food.

Additionally, these specific party packs can be customized. Just like not conforming to only one day of the week for tacos, friends shouldn’t have to compromise on taco preferences. Everyone can get their taco preference in a single party pack. After all, a reBELL shouldn’t include conforming to someone else’s flavor preferences.

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Are you ready to embrace the Taco Bell reBELLion and enjoy tacos any day (or every day)?