This type of food shopping can reduce your grocery bill


Food shopping can be a huge expense. You can reduce your grocery bill by shopping here and maybe even reduce some food waste.

How often do you go food shopping? A family’s grocery bill can be a huge part of a family’s monthly budget. But what if you could reduce that expense by shopping differently? Wouldn’t you consider this new way of shopping?

Food waste is a huge topic. In today’s food environment, so many people are food scarce. Unfortunately, some people don’t think about the large amounts of food that could go to those people in need. Instead of looking at the food in the house, the nightly stop at the grocery store is a simpler, convenient option.

Unfortunately, these additional shopping trips can lead to food waste as well as overspending. How often have you brought home another box of pasta when there are three unopened pasta boxes on the shelf? Isn’t there a better way?

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One easy way to reduce a family’s grocery bill is to shop the pantry first. As you start meal planning, take stock of all the food in the pantry. Those shelves can be your inspiration for many meals. Don’t let food go to waste let alone spend more money on food that you’ve already purchased.

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Also, those pantry items don’t have to be used in the traditional way. For example, that box of cereal doesn’t have to be another boring breakfast bowl. Previously,

Chef Duff Goldman

created several recipes that used various

Kellogg’s cereals

in savory meals. That Rice Krispy can be the filler for meatballs or Corn Flakes can be the coating for chicken tenders.

Shopping in the pantry allows for more creativity in the kitchen. While the cereal example is a simple one, other food can be easily transformed as well. Pasta doesn’t have to be just a bowl with tomato sauce. Add some eggs to the pasta for a twist on a fritta.

Many websites offer recipes searches based on ingredients that families have in the house. Whether it is a can of tomatoes or bag of beans, pantry ingredients can be transformed in many ways. That new dish might not be the originally intended purchase, but it avoids food waste.

It has been said that families waste $1,500 in thrown away food each year. All that food winds up in landfills. Over-purchasing can be avoided. Simple planning and conscious shopping can make a huge difference.

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Can you commit to better food shopping? While your grocery bill can go down, the environment will thank you for reducing food waste.