Time to enjoy Salad Ready Tomato Wedges all year long


Want to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes any time of the year? Salad Ready Tomato Wedges offer that delicious, seasonal flavor all year long.

Summer, vine ripe tomatoes are a delicious treat. But, tomato season only lasts so long. Instead of enjoying a mealy, disappointing tomato, there is now a better alternative for your recipes. Salad Ready Tomato Wedges bring delicious, vine-ripened flavor to all your favorite tomato recipes.

While the grocery store has tomatoes all year round, some home cooks appreciate the vine-ripe, seasonal tomatoes in their recipes. From a tomato tart to a simple Caprese salad, the flavorful, seasonal tomatoes made the entire recipe vibrant. Tomato fans don’t want to forget these favorite recipes for a large portion of the year. Luckily, there is a new alternative.

Salad Ready Tomato Wedges are the answer to that off season tomato craving. Even as the can suggests, the tomatoes offer the flavor of summer inside. Picked at the peak of freshness, these canned tomato wedges can bring those seasonal tomato recipes back to the table any time of the year.

Salad Ready Tomato Wedges, favorite tomato recipes, photo provided by Pacific Coast Producers,

Unlike other canned tomato products, these tomato wedges offer a firm texture that works well in many recipes. They are unpeeled and gently cooked. Whether used in a garden salad or incorporated into a delicious pasta dish, the flavor of these canned tomatoes will surprise you.

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The Salad Ready Tomato Wedges are available in two varieties, classic red and tri-color. The tri-color variety features red, orange and yellow tomatoes. Each variety is marinated in olive oil and Italian spices blend. Even though the tomatoes are in olive oil and Italian spices, those flavors do not overpower the fresh, seasonal inherent tomato flavor.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try both the traditional red and the tri-color tomatoes. Personally, I am drawn to the tri-colored variety because I try to eat the rainbow (plus, the extra colors make for a pretty plate). One of the easiest recipes for these tomatoes is a traditional pasta salad. In my version, I add together the tomatoes, green peppers for crunch, black olives for salt, mozzarella for protein and your preferred-shape pasta. Then top the salad with some fresh basil, salt and pepper. It is simple, easy and quick weeknight meal.

Even though I thoroughly enjoy a simple recipe, the texture and taste of the Salad Ready Tomato Wedges inspired me to think beyond the simple pasta salad. From a robust fritta to a hearty panzanella, there are numerous options for these tomatoes. Now, when I have a tomato craving, any time of the year, I can satisfy it.

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Salad Ready Tomato Wedges can be found on grocery store shelves, in the canned tomato aisle. A 10 ounce can retails for approximately $1.00.

Don’t dream of summer, vine-ripened tomatoes in the middle of winter. Open a can of Salad Ready Tomato Wedges and whip up that favorite tomato recipe.