Doritos and Spider-Man: Far From Home are perfect snack partners


Doritos knows that traveling far from home can build up quite an appetite. This summer, the snack brand partners with Spider-Man: Far from Home on a tasty adventure.

Who doesn’t love Doritos? That classic snack is a snack icon. Whether you like classic, cool ranch or one of the newew flavors, these chips are all about intense snacking expereinces. Just popping open a bag can make the day seem a little better.

Spider-Man is an icon as well. When Peter Parker puts on that disguise, everyone feels more secure with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man around. This summer, Peter Parker and his alter ego enter a rite of passage for many kids, a vacation abroad with friends. Even when you are far from home, a taste of home makes everything seem a little better.

As fans anticipate the summer blockbuster, Spider-Man: Far From Home heading to theaters, Doritos and the Spider-Man franchise have partnered on some entertaining promotions that both film and snack fans will love.

Everyone knows that traveling can create a definite hunger. According to Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Brand Management and Global Partnerships, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, “Doritos is the perfect partner for Peter Parker to take along on his first trip to Europe.”

Of course there are many reasons why this snack could be Peter Parker’s favorite choice. First, the color has some appeal. For this special promotion, there will be limited-edition Spider-Man: Far From Home themed Doritos that are red, the signature color of everyone’s favorite neighborhood superhero.

Second, this snack brand seems to capture the idea of bold adventures. Looking at the recent Super Bowl campaigns, the snack brand looks to set its own course. Some people want to do it that way or their way. In truth, those bold adventures make everyone unique.

Lastly, everyone knows that anyone, including superheroes, cannot be at their best when they are hungry. Finding a snack that goes with any and every occasion is important. Whether you are traveling around the world or just coming home after school, that hunger needs to be satisfied.

The Doritos and Spider-Man: Far From Home partnership will both in the U.S. and in 20 countries. Additionally, the U.S. will have additional prizes and games.

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Are you excited for this newest Spider-Man adventure? More importantly, how many bags of Doritos will be devour this summer?