Celebrate Blueberry Pie Day one spoonful at a time


Are you ready to celebrate Blueberry Pie Day? While you could spend the day baking, this other option could make you satisfying craving with just a spoonful.

Blueberry pie is one of life’s simple pleasures. On April 28, National Blueberry Pie Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy that delightful blend of sweet and tart with touch of buttery crust. Who has a craving that needs to be satisfied?

Did you know that the Maine’s official dessert is this pie? Blueberry pies have been around since the early American settlers. While every recipe has its variations, some components are classic.

From a perfect pie crust to the luscious filing, the combination of flavors and textures adds to the satisfaction. Whether served warm or room temperature, this pie is often enjoyed with a bit of cream or a scoop of ice cream.

Over the years, these pies have become one of the most popular pies. Still, recipes continue to evolve. From new spices to flavorful toppings, the classic recipe adapts list like food trends.

While the traditional pie will always have its place, other options that incorporate those flavors are becoming available, like Big Gay Ice Cream’s Blueberry Globber, which is perfect for this food holiday.

Big Gay Ice Cream Blueberry Gobbler, photo provided by Big Gay Ice Cream

Bay Gay Ice Cream’s Blueberry Globber combines all the flavors of this classic pie in a delicious frozen treat. This ice cream brings together vanilla ice cream with blueberries and pie crust pieces. For a flavor boost, there are blueberry balsamic swirls.

This flavor combination is has its sweetness without becoming overpowering. The balsamic offers a slight savory note that brings out the roundness of flavors.

Now that Big Gay Ice Cream is available on the West Coast, more people can enjoy this delightful Blueberry Globber. With more people discovering this ice cream, considered one of the best in America, ice cream fans will be clamoring to try each and every flavor.

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Will you be celebrating Blueberry Pie Day? What’s your favorite way to enjoy this pie?