Burger King launches Real Meals, because all moods should be celebrated


Burger King believes that everyone should celebrate how they feel, not just the happy. The new Real Meals let guests express their real moods.

Are you happy all the time? Burger King understands that people’s moods change. From blah to more than annoyed, life is full of emotions. Those feelings are part of life and deserve to be expressed. The new Real Meals allow guest to express those other emotions.

Available in four moods, Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and DGAF Meal, these boxes allow those non-happy emotions to be celebrate. In reality, no one is happy all the time. Why shouldn’t your food have some real authenticity?

Each meal contains a flame-grilled WHOPPER sandwich, French fries and a drink. These meals will be available at select restaurants in the following cities, Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

The launch of the Real Meals coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month. Burger King partnered with Mental Health American on the campaign.

Burger King Real Meals, YAAS Meal, photo provided by Burger King

Thinking back, BK has long championed the idea of “Have it your way.” This campaign is an evolution of that idea. If people can enjoy their WHOPPER however they want it, shouldn’t they be able to feel however they want?

In today’s society, there is tremendous pressure to achieve perfection, to don the appearance that all is good and to be part of the norm. Those ideas are fabrications. Life isn’t always perfect, life isn’t always filled with rainbows, and people aren’t always happy.

Check out the video that BK shared regarding this topic.

The video shows people who are staying true to themselves. Sometimes the moments are joyous and others are not. Still, each moment is true, real and part of life. It celebrates the person, not the illusion that a person is trying to project.

While these Real Meals will probably get attention because of the names, it starts the conversation. Problems don’t go away with a wish and prayer. Topics needs to be discussed. People need to feel comfortable expressing themselves. Feelings, words and expressions do matter.

Burger King should be applauded for starting the conversation. Even if one person feels more confident by admitting they are feeling sad by ordering a Blue Meal, the program is working. Small steps can make a difference.

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What do you think of the Burger King Real Meals? Are you ready to start the conversation?