Move over bagels, Einstein Bros. Bagels adds a croissant sandwich


Einstein Bros. Bagels launches a new menu item and it isn’t on a bagel. The new Croissant Deluxe Sandwich brings variety to the breakfast menu.

Einstein Bros. Bagels is known for its bagels. Whether enjoyed with a s’mear, just toasted or as part of a bagel sandwich, the nation’s leading bagel house has built is brand on bagels. With the launch of this new menu item, those tasty bagels are sharing space with a flaky pastry counterpart.

Breakfast and breakfast foods are no longer confined to just the morning. All day breakfast is part of the food culture. From egg sandwiches to the beloved avocado toast, breakfast foods don’t disappear at 10 a.m.

Given the expansion of this category, restaurants need to stay relevant. Adding new menu items keep guests coming back time and again. While the “usual” or the “favorite” will always be a popular choice, variety keeps the experience fresh.

The addition of the Croissant Deluxe Sandwich makes sense for the bagel house. While bagels and croissants aren’t made in the same way, the variety of breakfast sandwich choices keeps consumers coming back to a favorite brand and builds the loyalty.

Einstein Bros. Bagels adds Croissant Deluxe Sandwich, photo provided by Einstein Bros. Bagels

The new Croissant Deluxe Sandwich features cage-free eggs, bacon and cheddar. Given that the flavors on this breakfast sandwich are rather straightforward, the croissant should be the star of the bite. As long as the croissant has flaky, delicate layers to balance the eggs, bacon and cheese, this breakfast sandwich should be a winner.

By making this menu addition approachable, the brand can focus the flavor innovations on the bagel portion of its menu. As seen in the Cheesy Hash Brown Bagel or the Bagels Across America last year, those innovative flavor combinations allowed guests to explore beyond the familiar.

The new Croissant Deluxe Sandwich is available now. Additionally, the brand has added Caribou Coffee Chocolate Cooler and Cold Press coffee to the menu.

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Would you try the new Einstein Bros. Bagels new croissant breakfast sandwich?