New crepes are the best reason to see you at Denny’s


Have you been to a Denny’s recently? Could the new menu items, like crepes, and brand revitalization tempt you to make a visit?

As you drive along the highway, the Denny’s signs are many. But, when was the last time that you’ve been to the iconic restaurant? With its new tag line, “See you at Denny’s” the brand wants to re-introduce guests to the brand that you only thought that you knew well.

From the Gram Slam breakfast to those fluffy pancakes, the full-service family restaurant chain has been a part of the food landscape. Whether it was a big breakfast after that game win or a late night stop after prom, the brand has grown up with generations of Americans.

While the name and the logo are instantly recognizable, the brand understood that it needed to change with the times. Recently, over 80% of the restaurants were remodeled and modernized. In addition to décor, the brand’s menu received a significant overhaul.

The menu modifications didn’t take away the classic items that fans had come to expect. Instead it found a careful balance between highlighting fan favorites while expanding the menu to include consumers expanding tastes. From bolder flavors to healthier options, the menu is very inclusive.

As part of the revitalization, Denny’s has added crepes to the menu. The new crepes line-up includes Banana Chocolate Hazelnut, Strawberry Vanilla and Banana Berry Caramel. Looking at these options, the Banana Chocolate Hazelnut will definitely be a huge hit. Can anyone resist this flavor combination?

While all three options tend to fall on the sweet side, the menu addition adds a lot of options for the restaurant brand. Although not currently part of the plan, savory crepes could be part of future menu expansion. Given the other new menu items, this idea seems plausible.

In addition to the crepes, Denny’s added new pancake options. These choices include Hearty 9-Grain, including Tres Leches and Cinnamon Roll. With even fluffier pancakes, everyone will definitely add these choices as their side to breakfast meals.

Previously, the restaurant brand had announced the addition of the Meat Lovers Slam. This hearty menu option definitely satisfies the biggest appetites.

Overall, the brand revitalization was a smart choice. Without moving too far away from what consumers know and want, it still breathes some newness into the experience. Every restaurant and brand needs to stay current in order to retain its position in the industry.

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When was the last time you’ve been to a Denny’s? Will these new menu items and changes inspire you to go?