Cheez-It Snap’d: Will you discover the most cheesy snack yet?


Cheez-It Snap’d has become a hugely popular snack since it debuted on store shelves. Are fans willing to search for that most cheesy snack?

Have you tried the Cheez-It Snap’d? This version of the classic Cheez-It is best described as a munchable snack. The crisp, super-thin characteristics give it’s a big crunch. It can be hard to stop eating at just one serving. Cheez-It is a little concerned that fans will run out of these most cheesy snacks.

Cheez-It has been a popular snack over the years. From kids eating them in their lunches to afternoon snacking, those cheese flavored crackers, in a square shape, are a big part of food culture. It seemed like growing up, there was always at least one box of Cheez-It in the house.

As food trends change, companies need to evolve to remain current. This new line of snacks appeals to consumers’ desire for bold flavors and bigger crunch. It builds on the familiar while embracing the new.

According to Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It, “So thin and crispy, the unique texture and distinct flavors make it different from any other Cheez-It offering.”

The Cheez-It Snap’d comes in four favors. They are Cheddar Sour Cream, Jalapeno Jack, Double Cheese and White Cheddar and Bacon. Looking at these flavors, they are combinations that consumers crave.

From bacon to jalapeno, consumers want bold flavor combinations. Still, these flavors are approachable for a wide audience. The layers of flavors adds to the snacking satisfaction. Each bite leaves your wanting more.

Additionally, the thin, crispy texture of this snack is a large part of the enjoyment. The crunch enhances the snacking gratification. While the thinness is similar to a chip, the lighter texture and taste makes it feel less guilty. Grabbing a handful of these snacks can curb that craving.

Cheez-It Snap’d Bunker. photo provided by Kellogg

Since the Cheez-It Snap’d has become so popular, the brand thought that a fun promotion would be in order. Many food fans are fiercely loyal and would do anything to ensure their favorite snack is always in stock.

Cheez-It has stocked a bunker with all the snacks and some other goodies. Starting on May 14, fans can solve clues to discover the fully stocked bunker. Someone will win a year’s supply of Cheez-It Snap’d.

Where is this elusive bunker? Someone will have to solve the clue to find it before May 17.

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Have you tried Cheez-It Snap’d? What is your favorite cheese snack?