Cheez-It Duoz: Food mash up that will conqueror the snack aisle


Get those snack bowls ready. Cheez-It Duoz are the newest food mash up to come to the snack aisle.

Everyone knows the snack, Cheez-It. The square shaped, cheddar jack crackers are favorite with young and old. Even though that iconic snack remains popular, food mash up is a popular trend. Cheez-It is embracing that trend with its new Cheez-It Duoz.

The new Cheez-It Duoz combines the class cheddar jack crackers with another snack item. Available in two flavors, Cheez-It® Duoz caramel popcorn and Cheddar Crackers and Cheez-It® Duoz Cheddar Jack Crackers and sharp cheddar pretzel, the new flavor pairings offer an intriguing combination of flavors and textures.

Cheez-It Duoz: Food mash up that will conqueror the snack aisle, photo from PRNewswire

In a company press release, Jeff Delonis, Marketing Director of Cheez-It, said the new snacks “pair our favorite cheesy, crunchy crackers with two salty snacks to create new satisfying snacking experiences for everyone.” It seems that these Cheez-It Douz look to salt and crunch to create the most satisfying bite. The Cheez-It and pretzel combination seems the most approachable for the general snack fan.

The more interesting flavor combination is the Cheez-It® Duoz caramel popcorn and Cheddar Crackers. Similar to the iconic Chicago style popcorn, this snack should blend the sweet, salty and crunch into one balanced snack bite. Those flavor combinations can be very addicting. While some people don’t appreciate the salt and sweet, this flavor balance is quite enjoyable. The salt can make the caramel taste a little sweeter without becoming cloyingly sweet. With the added crunch from the crackers, this new snack could be a huge hit.

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Cheez-It is making snack combinations more convenient. Who hasn’t combined favorite snacks together in a bowl? Snack mixes are becoming more popular. By offering a pre-made version, the snack company offers an easy, to-go version of something that people already enjoy.

If Cheez-It expands this line, a spicy version of this food mash up would be a good idea. Spicier foods are everywhere. Cheddar flavored crackers would be a good offset to some jalapeno flavored pretzels or some sriracha nuts. This Cheez-It line could expand into many more Duoz combinations.

The new Cheez-It Duoz are available at retailers nationwide. Are you ready to try this food mash up? Share your thoughts below or tag us with #FoodSided with your review.