Sam’s Club adds three new wines and the price will shock you


How much do you spend on a bottle of wine? Sam’s Club just added three new wines to its private label offerings and the price is surprising.

Sam’s Club wants to help you fill that wine fridge. From summer parties to long weekends, wine bottles are being opened by many people. With all this wine flowing, how much are you willing to spend on a bottle of wine?

Recently, Sam’s Club released three new wines under its private label, Member’s Mark, line. The newly added wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Zinfandel. The varietals aren’t shocking, but the price is.

The three new wines are prices under $8. Yes, for around that price of a Starbucks you can get a whole bottle of wine. Given the price, why wouldn’t you try one of the bottles of wine?

People choose wines on a variety of factors. Some people stick with a particular winemaker. Others select based on region. Many people pick a wine solely based on a pretty label.

Many people remember the old days when 2-buck chuck at Trader Joe’s was astonishing. How a decent wine could be reasonably priced wasn’t common. Over the years, price doesn’t necessarily denote a good wine. In many cases, a reasonably priced wine can be just as enjoyable as a mid-priced wine.

Member’s Mark Zinfandel, photo provided by Sam’s Club

Granted, there can be a significant difference between an expensive wine and a reasonably priced wine. Still, not everyone can afford $100 or more a bottle. For the “normal” person, the $10-25 range is far more likely.

Options like Sam’s Clubs wines are a great choice for many wine drinkers. Opening a $8 bottle of wine on a Wednesday night and maybe only having a glass doesn’t make you feel guilty by saving the rest for another day. The feeling wouldn’t be the same with a $75 bottle (would you let that last drop go to waste?).

The rise of reasonably priced wines supports consumer demand, but also, these wines are tasty. If the wine tasted like vinegar, no one would buy it, even at $8 a bottle. Companies have found ways to produce good wines at good prices. It is a win win for everyone.

Looking at the three new Sam’s Club wines, the choices are interesting. Since options like prosecco, rose and Bordeaux were already included, these new varietals seem in line with some popular wine choices.

The most approachable new wine is clearly the Sauvignon Blanc. This New Zealand wine is described as having citrus notes with hints of melon and gooseberry. My best guess is that if you like other Marlborough white wines, this wine is worth the try. Going into the summer, it would be delightful with grilled chicken, pasta salad and even some hot dogs (no judgment).

Sam’s Club wine is available in 37 states. It is best to check your local club store for availability.

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Are you going to try this new wine? What’s your favorite reasonably priced wine to enjoy during the summer?