Buy a Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal and get an Aladdin movie ticket


Parents don’t need a whole new world to get kids excited about the Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal, but a free Aladdin movie ticket is exciting.

Got lunch plans? For a limited time, a Subway Fresh Fit for Kids Meal comes with a huge offer, a free Aladdin movie ticket. No rubbing a magic lamp or making a wish, this deal is now available at participating Subway locations. Looks like everyone has a friend at Subway.

Subway and Disney are partnering on this promotion. In addition to the free movie ticket, the meal will feature four different collectible Disney’s Aladdin-themed activities. The Subway/Aladdin promotion is available for a limited time and only while supplies last.

For some people, the $11 movie voucher is incentive to purchase a Subway Kids’ Meal. Even if you don’t have a young child, maybe you might want to order the kids’ meal for a friend or a friend of a friend. In some ways, this kids’ meal is quite satisfying for almost anyone.

The Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal includes a 3-inch sub sandwich (on whole grain bread), fruit and a Honest Kids juice box. The meal contains both a serving of fruit and vegetables. Also, it is free of artificial flavors and colors.

Since some kids can be picky with their foods, the Subway meals are a great way to ensure that they have some tasty and good for them choices. From lean protein to whole grain bread, these meals can be customized with the foods that kids are willing to eat. Whether they skip the cucumbers or add extra tomatoes, it puts kids (and their parents) in control.

Offering this free movie ticket promotion is a nice way for Subway to give back to its customers. In recent months, the brand has focused on elevating its offerings. From bold flavors to innovative combinations, Subway is evolving while still giving its loyal fans the fresh food that they want.

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Could the free Aladdin movie ticket entice you and your family to try the Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Meal? If could open up a whole new world of flavor to your family.