Subway adds new Club Collection, traditional gets a modern makeover


Subway continues to bring big, bold flavors to its menu. The new Club Collection gives a modern twist to the traditional club sandwich.

Ready to bring the flavor? Subway is adding three new sandwiches to its menu. After the successful launch of the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread the Green Goddess Tuna Melt, this new Club Collection puts the sandwich fast food restaurant in a different level. Are you ready to break some traditions with the sandwich giant?

Traditionally, a club sandwich has turkey, bacon and lettuce. While the type of turkey or the thickness of the bacon may vary, the traditional combination of ingredients hasn’t been changed too much. As people’s flavor preferences expand, that traditional sandwich is in need of a makeover.

The three new Club Collection sandwiches are: The Southwest Chipotle Chicken Club, The Steak Club and The American Club. These sandwiches offer bigger, bolder flavors that today’s guests crave. Is your sandwich ready for an upgrade?

Looking at these three sandwiches, the boldest flavor comes from the Southwest Chipotle Chicken Club. Starting with the bread, Jalapeno Cheddar Bread, the spice level gives a wakeup call. Add the Pepper Jack cheese and Chipotle Southwest sauce and your taste buds will be doing the happy dance.

Subway Chipotle Chicken Club, photo provided by Subway

While these flavors are bold, the spice level isn’t overpowering. It should provide a nice, warm heat but not put your tongue on fire. Plus, the sandwich has guacamole. No one can be without guacamole.

The Steak Club is for the hearty appetite. With both steak, turkey and bacon, it is a meat lovers’ favorite. With some lettuce and tomatoes for a little texture, this sandwich is curb the biggest hunger.

Lastly, the American Club is a classic flavor combination with a little twist. Served on Artisan flatbread, the bread elevates the classics. If you aren’t ready for a big change, this sandwich can ease you into something bolder.

These three new sandwiches will be available for just a limited time. If you want to try one of these new Subway Club Collection sandwiches, head to your local restaurant by June 26.

Still, if guests love the non-traditional clubs, they should definitely make those opinions known. The sandwich restaurant is listening to consumers’ wants. Just look at all these new innovative menu offerings. Wonder what other new menu items are on the horizon.

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What’s your favorite Subway sandwich? More importantly, which new Club Collection sandwich do you want to try?