The best beer to serve this Memorial Day Weekend


If you’re looking for the perfect summer beer to join you on Memorial Day weekend, here’s some ideas!

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, countless American’s will be hosting parties, heading to the beach, or enjoying a nice long weekend at home. Of course, any of those events seem to be a little more festive with an ice, cold beer. What should be in your cooler or fridge?

If you’ve grown up anywhere in America, you know that American’s take Memorial Day weekend extremely seriously. Many of my friends hold parties, while many more head out of town. Yet no matter where I’m headed this weekend, I usually grab a case of beer to take with me.

National Bohemian Beer

So I might be cheating with this. I’ve seldom seen this beer outside of Maryland, but for many Marylander’s, National Bohemian — Natty Boh for short — is a local legend. The iconic beer has been around since 1885, and the brand even introduced two new beers — Summer Shandy (introduced in 2018), and Day Beer (introduced in 2019). But Natty Boh is my go too. The Pilsener style beer is surprisingly smooth and refreshing, making even the hottest summer days seem bearable.

Flying Dog Dead Rise

This seasonal summer ale is perfect for anyone heading to the beach, the ballpark, or if you’re steaming up some seafood. The ale is blended with Old Bay seasoning, a local favorite that goes on every single food group. Flying Dog makes other excellent beers, but Dead Rise is a cut above the rest.

Blue Moon Mango Wheat

This fruity beer is great for backyard BBQ’s, or days on the docks. It’s crisp and refreshing, and pairs well with shrimp. If you’re not a fan of floral beer, I would stay away from this, and the rest of the Blue Moon lineup. Otherwise, let the floral aroma pull you in, while you celebrate the start of summer in all of it’s glory.

Heavy Seas TropiCannon

Heavy Seas Brewery has a diverse selection of beers under their belt, and their newest one — TropiCannon — is a delicious addition to the lineup. This citrus IPA should be your new summer go too, and it pairs with just about everything. But don’t let the name fool you, this glorious IPA is available year round!

Rita’s Strawber-Rita

Ok, ok. This isn’t beer. But it’s still good, and honestly? It’s great for parties. This absolutely tastes like a strawberry margarita, just without the mess of making one from scratch. And you know, it’s pretty darn tasty too. Don’t like the whole can thing? You can always pour it into a glass and pretend to have made it yourself, though. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

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So what will you be drinking this Memorial Day weekend? Let us know in the comments below, and have a fantastic weekend!