Nailed It Season 3 is back: Can you believe your eyes?


It is back! Nailed It Season 3 returns to Netflix and fans are eagerly anticipating what visually impressive “creations” will stun the judges.

Grab a beverage, be prepared to cringe and feel validated about your worst Pinterest fail. Nailed It Season 3 is back on Netflix. Can Season 3 have even bigger baking mishaps?

While many food fans love watching the epic creations on the various baking competition shows, those beautiful creations do not often happen in the home kitchen. Sometimes the “visualized” cake and the “real” cake are very different. A slice of imagination doesn’t need to be served with cake.

In Nailed It, the Netflix show makes anyone feel better about their baking abilities. These contestants seem destined to fail. In some ways, the bigger the fail, the bigger the reward. Granted, the winner does produce the “best” creation, that superlative might need a downgrade.

Check out the trailer from this season.

Now, compared to previous seasons, this Black Panther fail isn’t totally bad. I can see the resemblance, can you? It looks like an animal and it shows some creativity. In many ways, this “fail” isn’t a complete disaster. Hopefully this season has some pretty funny moments.

Looking at some other clips, there seems to be some bigger fails. From falling decorations to giant blobs of cake, something is definitely not like the picture example. After all, the fail is the reason why everyone watches.

While the visuals drive this show, it is really curious that these contestants can’t follow directions. If given a recipe, these “bakers” should be able to follow directions.

Unlike savory dishes, baking is exact, like a science. If you don’t measure correctly, the cake isn’t going to be correct. These cake flavors are relatively straight forward. No one is asking these amateur bakers to make a princess cake, like on Best Baker in America. If kids on MasterChef can make éclairs, why can’t these adults make a cupcake?

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Nailed It Season 3 will be available on Netflix starting May 17.

What’s your worst baking fail? Was it as bad as these disasters?