Hojicha Kit Kat is a rare, interesting Japanese candy


Did you know that Kit Kat has a number of creative flavors in Japan? I personally love their green tea flavor, and I’m always excited to try new flavors, like Hojicha Kit Kat!

Nestle Japan has released some innovative, and delicious, Kit Kat flavors that you can only find in Japan. In fact, the Hojicha Kit Kat (roasted tea) is one such flavor I was excited to try.

This limited edition flavor is only available in a small region in Japan, but lucky for those of us not in Japan, you can find the candy online. I actually received mine in a Japan Crate box, alongside countless other Japanese sweets.

The packaging for the Hojicha Kit Kat is elegant, yet also to the point. There is English on the bag (and Japan Crate does provide a pamphlet describing what they’re sending) so fear not if you don’t know Japanese. But do you really need to know the language to try the food? I think not. There are 12 mini bars in this bag, each individually wrapped for your enjoyment.

The Kit Kat’s are an off white color, and have an artificial tea smell. I took a bite, and wasn’t exactly impressed with it. It obviously wants to taste like roasted tea, but it was hard to get over how bland it was.

Hojicha (roasted tea) Kit Kat by Lauren Sisselman

It was very artificial tasting, as if someone was guessing how roasted tea should taste. The chocolate did nothing for me, but on the bright side, the candy wasn’t stale. As I said, I typically like Kit Kat, but this wasn’t going it for me. The aftertaste was just as bland as the candy, and I found myself finding a regular Kit Kat to wash the taste out.

That being said, if you’ve never had this before, I would try it for yourself. It’s absolutely an experience, and you can brag to your friends that you’ve had a limited edition Kit Kat bar from Japan.

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So what do you think? Would you give this flavor a shot?