Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips, summer’s must have chip and beer pairing


Summer is around the corner and Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips will become the must have summer snack. Is your ice cold, Samuel Adams open?

Summer snacking is ramping up. The just released Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips will become summer’s hottest snack. This collaborative, limited edition chip from Cape Cod and Samuel Adams Brewery will have you wishing that summer will never end.

Cape Cod Chips and Samuel Adams Brewery are two iconic New England brands. While chips and beers are delicious on their own, pairing the two foods can make for an epic flavor combination. As everyone starts thinking about summer gatherings, the two brands have simplified part of the menu planning with this latest offering.

The new Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips are the ultimate chip and beer pairing. These special, new limited edition chips are meant to be enjoyed together. Specifically, the chip features “cracked pepper and lemon flavors, to accompany the citrus fruit notes and hazy, juicy taste of the Sam Adams New England IPA.”

Snack and beer pairings can be subjective, but this new chip is different. The chip was created specifically with the Samuel Adams New England IPA in mind. The flavors complement each other in ways that both chip and beer fans will appreciate.

Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips paired with Samuel Adams New England IPA

Looking at the chip flavors of cracked pepper and lemon, the flavor should be both bright and spicy. Although I haven’t tried the chips yet, my guess is that the cracked pepper with its spice hits first and the brightness of the lemon finishes. The hint of acid should leave you wanting another chip.

Pairing these chips with the hazy Sam Adams New England IPA is quite intriguing. This beer is more citrus forward than some other IPAs. With flavors of orange and pineapple, the tropical flavors are forward yet the beer finishes smooth.

Thinking about pairing this beer with these chips, the flavor combinations tend to make sense. The New England IPA works with spicy, peppery foods, like a jerk chicken. Also, it works well with briny foods, like oysters. A cracked pepper with lemon should play well off the hazy citrus in the New England IPA.

While this chip and beer pairing is just for the summer, it would be nice to see this partnership continue. From the annual Oktoberfest beer to even the Winter Lager, the possibilities of beer and chip pairings are many.

The Cape Cod Summer Potato Chips will only be available for Summer 2019. If you like the chips, you better stock up before they are gone.

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What’s your favorite chip and beer pairing? What’s your favorite summer snack?