Cape Cod Chips new Waves Jalapeno Ranch is the kettle chip your dip needs


Are you ready for a new flavorful crunch? Cape Cod Chips, the classic kettle cooked potato chips, has a new flavor that is the bold taste that you need to try.

Cape Cod Chips is known for its classic kettle cooked potato chips. That crisp crunch makes a kettle chip different from other chips. Just in time for summer, Cape Cod is releasing three new offerings that will entice you to offer a bag, or two.

Kettle chips are traditionally made by dropping sliced potatoes into a big kettle. When cooked, the chips are removed from the kettle. These chips are made one batch at a time. The process adds a hearty crunch and even a more robust flavors.

Cape Cod Chips uses unique kettles to create its signature crunch and flavors. Focusing on quality ingredients, the brand went from a small store front to the huge brand that people love today. While the brand’s classic chips focus just on minimal ingredients, a few newer flavors have started to incorporate bolder combinations.

One of the brand’s new offerings, Waves Jalapeno Ranch, the chip brand found a way to create a chip that is perfect for dipping. While this chip is delightful on its own, pairing it with a dip is divine.

New Cape Cod Waves Jalapeno Ranch, photo provided by Cape Cod Chips

This chip’s flavor find the right balance between heat and ranch. The jalapeno offers an approachable heat, nothing that will overwhelm the eating experience. While the heat hits first, the smooth ranch offers the subtle cooling that perfectly tames the heat. It is enjoyable bite after bite.

With a wavy chip, the ripples make it perfect for dip dipping. The waves allow dips to scoop up more flavor in each bite. Plus, the hearty chips ensures that the dip won’t make that chip soggy. No one wants a chip to break mid-dip enjoyment.

Given the chip’s flavor combination, several dip flavors would be perfect pairings. From a classic French Onion to even a dill flavored dip, there are so many options to try. In a way, almost any dip could be enjoyed with this new Cape Cod Chips flavor.

Beyond the flavorful Waves Jalapeno Ranch offering, the brand added a Light Salted version. While the chip is made in the classic style, it has less salt. This offering appeals to consumers who are watching their sodium intake. Plus, sometimes you just want a chip that focuses just on that crunch.

Lastly, the brand added Party Size Bags. These big bags, available in Waves Sea Salt and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavors. Going into summer party season, these big bags are pantry essentials.

Cape Cod Chips are available at various retailers. The brand has classic kettle chips, waves, waffle cut and several more varieties.

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Craving a big crunch? Open a bag of Cape Cod Chips and taste what people have been craving.