Drumstick Cereal is here, finally ice cream at breakfast is acceptable


Did you hear the news? Drumstick Cereal is hitting Walmart store shelves. Now, mom can’t complain that you are having ice cream for breakfast.

Drumstick Cereal could be your new reason to get up early for breakfast. Available exclusively at Walmart, this new ice cream inspired cereal brings the flavors of the iconic ice cream to the cereal bowl. Are you ready to grab a spoon?

This new cereal is inspired by the classic ice cream treat. It will be available in two flavors, classic vanilla and mint chocolate. The box states that it is a sweeten corn and wheat cereal.

While I haven’t tried this cereal, a couple of items are quite interesting. First, a classic Drumstick has the sugar cone. The cereal will need to be able to mimic that sugar cone. Although it doesn’t seem that actual cone pieces are used, the flavor needs to come through.

Second, the cereal seems to have three different components, similar to the ice cream cone. It will be curious to see if there are the same amounts of each component in the cereal box. If the ratio of ice cream to chocolate to sugar cone is off, the flavor may not be as enjoyable.


Third, the choice of mint for a flavor is not typical for a breakfast cereal. While cookies and peanut butter are well represented in the cereal aisle, mint is a non-traditional flavor.

Thinking about mint, it might appeal to an older audience. Kids tend to seek fruit flavors. It will be interesting to see how they react to the mint flavor.

Lastly, one joy of eating some ice creams is the milk at the bottom of the bowl. Given the flavor inspiration, the cereal milk should be absolutely delicious. It might make you want to have a second bowl just to enjoy the cereal milk.

The new Drumstick Cereal should be hitting Walmart store shelves this week. The cereal is only available at Walmart.

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Are you ready to try Drumstick Cereal? What other inspired flavors would you like to see in the cereal aisle?