Sour Punch Spicy Bites will be your new must have candy


Sour Punch is getting a little kick. The new Sour Punch Spicy Bites are bringing the heat to the candy aisle and you better be ready.

Sour Punch Spicy Bites could become your next candy obsession. While the popular BITES line has many fans, one of the newest flavors could have you taste buds feeling the heat. Are you ready for a burst of spice?

According to the Sour Punch brand, the new Spicy Bites is an assortment of flavors. The flavors include Spicy Pineapple, Spicy Mango, Spicy Watermelon and Spicy Cantaloupe. The flavor is defined as fruity, sweet, sour and spicy infusion.

Looking at the combined flavors, these flavors are more non-traditional fruits. In a way, there is a balance between the tropical flavors, like mango and pineapple, with traditional melon flavors.

Additionally, tropical and spice flavors are more commonly combined. Adding the spice to the melon flavors is new. It could have you rethinking all types of flavor combinations.

Sour Punch brand is also launching a soda-inspired line. The candy offers a sweet and sour flavor with a soda inspired twist.

Sour Punch soda bites, photo provided by Sour Punch

Available in cherry, lime and cola bites, these soda flavors will offer a unique twist to the soda experience. It should be the right balance of sweet and pucker. Could you want to add a little sour to your next beverage?

Overall, these new candies show that sour flavors are continuing to be a popular choice. Younger audiences crave these flavors.

Still, the popular candy category needs to continue to grow and expand. From exploring new flavor combinations to innovating classic flavors, the popularity only spurs more creativity.

Looking ahead, it will be curious to see if either of these new lines expand on the current flavors. Could more fruit flavors get a spicy, sour punch? Or will root beer join the soda line? There is room for expansion.

These new Sour Punch Spicy Bites and Sour Punch soda line will be hitting your favorite retailer. Look for them where you buy other Sour Punch candy.

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What do you think of these new candies? Are you a sour candy fan?