Are funnel cakes becoming the new trendy food filling your social media feed?


Funnel cakes can be so tempting with that fried dough and sweet toppings. But, are those sweet treats expanding to be the next big food trend?

There is something simply perfect about funnel cakes. Fried dough, served warm, often covered with powdered sugar can instantly make your mouth water. This sweet treat has been around forever. But, that classic recipe is seeing a few upgrades. Is the funnel cake the next food trend?

Everyone knows that food trends ebb and flow. One minute decadent doughnuts fill the social media feeds. A few months later, everyone wants the outrageous milkshake. To borrow a phrase from fashion, one day you are in and the next day you are out.

Recently, many people were talking about the newest funnel cake sensation at Disneyland. Instead of the classic, sweet version, this funnel cake is topped with bursting with big, bold heat.

The “Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake” is topped with cheese sauce and crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Although the menu description doesn’t mention the Cheetos, it seems rather apparent that the topping is this iconic snack.

This savory option to the traditional funnel cake shows how versatile the funnel cake can be. The dough, itself, can meld with a variety of flavors. While powdered sugar is an obvious choice, the other options are up to a person’s creativity.

In a way, this Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake could be just the start of new food mash-ups. What about a version with cool ranch Doritos? Or, think about a version with salt and vinegar chips or even some dill pickle chips (who isn’t all over the pickle craze?).

It is good to see Disneyland pushing the culinary boundaries on something savory. Although the outrageous sweet treats seem to fill everyone’s social media feed, the savory menu items deserve exploration too.

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