Could you make the next Entenmann’s donut flavor?


A new Entenmann’s donut flavor is coming, but the iconic bakery brand needs a little help from its fans. Are you up for the challenge?

In honor of National Donut Day, fans can submit their ideas for a new Entenmann’s donut flavor. With so many combinations, which flavor will be deemed the ultimate dream donut? Time to get those creative ideas flowing.

This new Entenmann’s promotion encourages all donut fans to create their own personalized donut flavor. To create your personal donut, head to the Entenmann’s website and start the process. From cake flavor to glaze, there are too many creations to count.

Since this personal donut flavor opportunity couldn’t be passed by, my personal donut creation is “A little bit of pucker.” The donut is a honey cake donut with lemon glaze and crumb topping. The flavors remind me of my grandmother’s tea. She would drink her tea and enjoy Entenmann’s coffee cake. In a way, this donut would bring back those Sunday mornings from my childhood.

While I created my donut flavor, there are so many possibilities that could happen. From seasonally inspired treats like pumpkin spice to classics like buttermilk, donut fans could create a new donut flavor more than a month.

In a way, this donut creation is more than just a favorite flavor combination. Often flavors spark memories, like my donut flavor. From those donuts that you brought to school on your birthday or that buffet table at Easter, food and memories go hand in hand.

More importantly, this National Donut Day promotion is fun because it lets fans voice their opinion. While the winning creation will be a limited edition donut, Entenmann’s can use all these submissions for new flavor ideas.

Who knows, maybe everyone is really looking for a chocolate strawberry donut. Brands are always looking to give food fans what they want. A new Entenmann’s donut flavor could be around the corner.

The next Entenmann’s donut flavor promotion is open through June 14. Don’t forget to celebrate National Donut Day on June 7, too.

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