The coffee experience: the French Press delivers more than coffee


What if drinking coffee could be an experience? Develop a daily practice with a French Press and enjoy the perfect cup. It takes time, precision, and a little love.

My Haute Stainless Steel French Press has changed my entire outlook on drinking coffee. The brewing experience has become just as important as the effectiveness of the coffee.

Here is a morning practice that savors the entire process leading to serenity.

My french press has become one of my favorite possessions. It, along with my Cuisinart grinder, and my gooseneck stainless steel kettle makes up the coffee triumvirate.

These three little gems combined with whichever local Chattanooga roaster I am serving that month has made drinking coffee sacred. My daily practice implements brewing coffee as a form of meditation.

I plan 30 extra minutes to fulfill my morning ritual in order to enjoy the process. It begins with grinding Velo Coffee Roasters “Lima” whole beans (this month). Freshly ground coffee has become one of my favorite aromas and it heightens the experience.

After grinding, I carefully transfer the grounds into the French Press. I take three cleansing breaths to savor the subtle aromas lingering in my space. Finally, I fill the kettle with 32 ounces of filtered water before placing it on the stove top.

During the waiting period, I allow my inner yogi to take over. I slowly start to move my body from the neck all the way down to the toes. This is an added bonus to prepare me for the rigors of my day. It also assists in the wake-up process by raising the heart rate. The kettle usually reads 180 degrees when I am finished and it is ready to pour.

The boiling water flows circularly throughout the press to ensure all the grounds are soaked. It stops just beneath the 34-ounce marking on the inner-lining to avoid overflow. The timer is set to four minutes.

This is the moment when I sit down, close my eyes, and breathe. The flavors of a good brew, in this case, toffee and dark chocolate fill the air. My attention is solely focused on the smell and how it makes me smile.

The coffee is ready to be pressed when the timer buzzes. The first cup is served. One cup of home-brewed coffee can change the trajectory of the day. It brings about the feeling of accomplishment, pleasure, and love. This practice has allowed me to slow down before I even begin.

The coffee experience varies from person to person. If you enjoy local coffee and waking up early to win your day perhaps you can find joy in this coffee experience.

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Just a touch of love can change your perspective on just about anything, not just your morning joe.