Fritos salutes the sacrifices by our nation’s heroes by supporting Carry The Load


Do you know how many service men and women have made the sacrifice by serving the country? This year Fritos salutes the brave and generous American military.

Answering the call to serve is a brave choice. Fritos salutes those courageous, valiant and dedicated American military members. In partnership with Carry The Load, the classic PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay asks everyone to honor others by taking a moment to honor those people who answered the call to serve.

As everyone takes a moment to reflect on Memorial Day, Fritos wants people to think beyond just one day of remembrance. Just like the sacrifices made by these men, women and families, the load that they carry is forever.

Whether it is a the anguish of losing a loved one in battle or the scars of sacrifice that never fade, one day of reflection cannot begin to encompass a lifetime of service.

Carry The Load seeks “to provide an active way to honor and celebrate our nation’s heroes by connecting Americans to the sacrifices made by our nation’s military, veterans, first responders and their families.”

To raise awareness to this organization and its mission, Fritos has created 22 million specially marked bags to honor both present and past heroes who bravely served. While the bags offer the visual reminder of service, PepsiCo is donating $100,000 to Carry The Load.

The exact number of bags made, 22 million, was chosen for a very specific reason. According to PepsiCo, “the number of bags is symbolic in that it represents the total members who have served in the American military throughout history (including active-duty).”

As people take a moment to reflect, that number is astonishing. In many ways, there will be someone in your life who has been part of that large group of American military. Family, friends and neighbors have given of themselves to make the nation better.

Additionally, everyone can raise awareness to this cause. By using #FritosSalutes on social media with a photo of your salute, you can help honor the hardworking military personnel. For more information, please visit To find a Carry The Load event in your area, please visit

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Do you have a story of service to share? How have you saluted America’s heroes?