Pizza Hut improves its Original Pan Pizza, are you craving one?


Did you hear the news? Pizza Hut has made a huge change to its Original Pan Pizza and pizza fans will be wanting to grab a pie to taste the improvement.

Pizza Hut is the originator of the pan pizza. For almost 40 years, that classic, delicious pizza has been the core of the brand’s pizza line-up. Still, sometimes an upgrade can be a good thing. Are you ready for the new Original Pan Pizza?

Starting today, Pizza Hut has updated the original pan pizza. Through some pizza innovation, the new version of this classic is the perfect combination of soft, chewy inside and crispy, buttery crust. Is your mouth watering yet?

According to Pizza Hut, the new version uses a “newly engineered pan, which perfects the golden-brown, crispy buttery crust, and is topped with a new blend of cheese and sauce to enhance the flavor and complement the chewy center.”

Given that it took Pizza Hut three years to perfect this new version, the expectations are quite high. Since the Original Pan Pizza is an iconic menu item, any change needs to be amazing.

Although I haven’t tried the new version, the crispy, buttery crust is key to this pizza’s deliciousness. If the new version adds a depth of flavor while maintaining the crisp edges, this pizza will be amazing.

Pizza Hut new Original Pan Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Additionally, the new blend of cheese is quite intriguing. It will be curious to see how the cheese plays off the crust. The balance of these two ingredients is a must.

Lastly, the sauce can make or break a pizza. In this version, the sauce needs to have a broad appeal. It can’t be too sweet or too tangy. Again, the balance is key.

To encourage everyone to fall in love with the Original Pan Pizza again, Pizza Hut is adding it to the Everyday Low Price Deal. A Large 2-Topping Original Pan Pizza is just $7.99. At this price, everyone can have their own pizza to celebrate.

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Are you excited about the new and improved Original Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut?