DQ offers a Box of Happy and summer is filled with fun


Do you want to open a Box of Happy? DQ is ready to bring the smiles, happiness and fun of summer directly to your doorstep.

A Box of Happy could be a mom’s answer to making summer vacation even more enjoyable. While DQ and summer are always a classic combination, this new summer subscription box could be the answer to making the most out of summer.

Subscriptions boxes are quite popular with families. From food delivery services to even monthly toy deliveries, parents want convenience. The idea of a new, exciting delivery arriving on the door step has a huge amount of appeal.

For this summer, DQ offers a Box of Happy. For three months, summer-themed kits can arrive on your doorstep. Plus, each kit comes with a delicious treat.

Maria Hokanson, Executive Vice President of Marketing at American Dairy Queen Corporation, “DQ is taking a fresh approach with Box of Happy, inspiring parents and kids alike to make the most out of every moment of summer.”

Unlike other subscription boxes, this idea isn’t about acquiring more stuff. It is about making summer memories. For many people, enjoying a delicious Blizzard with that iconic red spoon was the highlight f summer. It was a moment when everyone felt like a kid at heart.

DQ Box of Happy, summer subscription box, photo provided by Dairy Queen

Each box has a different theme. From June’s Camp-In Box to August’s Road Trip Box, the theme helps to spark some fun family activities. For example, the Camp-In Box uses a faux-campfire to spark some imaginative stories by the crackling fire sounds. Or, the Road Trip box explores how any car trip (near or far) can be filled with magical moments.

Of course, each Box of Happy comes with a DQ gift card so that you go get a delicious Dairy Queen treat. Whether you want a Blizzard of the Month or the new Cake Shakes, summer isn’t complete without a little indulgent.

The Box of Happy is available while supplies last. All three boxes cost $45.

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Are you ready for a summer of fun? Remember Happy Tastes Good all summer long at DQ.