Pringles Mystery Flavor: Have you made your guess yet?


Pringles Mystery Flavor has foodies trying to solve the flavor clues. While some possibilities prevail, will anyone be able to unravel the mystery?

Have you ever done a blind taste test? In a way, the Pringles Mystery Flavor is an ultimate taste test for any foodie or food fan. Throughout the summer, Pringles is encouraging fans to make their best guess. Are there any clues to this mystery?

Pringles are a popular snack in my house. While the packaging is very convenient (yes, my kids can eat an entire container in a single sitting), the shape and flavors offer a lot of food fun. Even as the Super Bowl commercials show, flavor stacking makes Pringles great. What other snack offers the thousands of flavor combinations?

This summer promotion is a first for the Pringles in the U.S. While Canada saw a mystery offering previously, these Mystery Flavor crisps are available exclusively at Walgreens. While everyone is encouraged to share their best guess (enter the contest through July 30), the real flavor will be revealed on August 18.

According to AnneMarie Suarez-David, VP of Marketing, Pringles, “The Mystery Flavor will bring a new insanely accurate Pringles flavor to shelves.” Given that statement, I couldn’t help but wager my best guess.

First, having a good palate, food knowledge or any food background isn’t necessary. While a few flavors be possible, the real flavor is truly a mystery.

Personally, I would suggest trying the crisp without reading the label first. Yes, ingredients can help uncover some potential guesses. Still, this whole experiment should be a little fun.

After reading the label, a couple ideas become a little clearer. There is cheddar cheese, buttermilk and onion. While those three flavors don’t necessarily narrow down the options, it gives a little direction.

Since I don’t want to spoil the fun for everyone, I won’t reveal my guess. Yes, it involves cheese. Yes, the flavor isn’t in the Pringles current line-up. And no, it isn’t a common flavor stacking option. Granted, these statements say nothing, but isn’t that the point.

After the contest, the Mystery Flavor will be available for a limited time. This offering will be like previous special flavors, like Jalapeno Bacon and Jamaican Jerk (not clues or this year’s flavors). If you fall in love with this special flavor, you better stock up before it is gone.

The Pringles Mystery Flavor is available exclusively at Walgreens now through July 30. Fans can enter their guesses through August 13. The winner will receive a $10,000 prize.

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Can you solve the Pringles Mystery Flavor? Feel free to share your guess in the comments section.